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School Climate & Bullying

About School Climate & Bullying

School climate refers to the quality and character of school life. School climate is based on patterns of students', parents' and school personnel's experience of school life, and it reflects norms, goals, values, interpersonal relationships, teaching and learning practices, and organizational structures. A sustainable, positive school climate fosters youth development and learning necessary for a productive, contributing, and satisfying life in a democratic society.

This climate includes:

  • Norms, values, and expectations that support people feeling socially, emotionally, and physically safe
  • People are engaged and respected
  • Students, families, and educators work together to develop, live and contribute to a shared school vision
  • Educators model and nurture attitudes that emphasize the benefits and satisfaction gained from learning
  • Each person contributes to the operations of the school and the care of the physical environment

(This definition of school climate and a positive, sustained school climate were consensually developed by the National School Climate Council (NSCC) that co-leads with the Education Commission of the States.)

Creating and maintaining a physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe learning environment is a precondition for realizing optimal student achievement. CREC's Institute of Teaching and Learning offers training to support your staff and build capacity for the development and maintenance of a positive and respectful school climate.

School climate training will help participants:

  • Develop a basic understanding of the importance of creating a positive school climate.
  • Develop a basic awareness of various strength-based models used to promote positive school climate
  • Understand the impact of school climate on student achievement
  • Learn about the significance and elements of school connectedness
  • Create a shift from student behavior to the impact of adult actions on student success
  • Learn concrete practical strategies and stems towards creating and implementing strategies to improve school climate.

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