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Connecticut Competency System (CCS)

About Connecticut Competency System (CCS)

Connecticut Competency System (CCS) training exploits the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems' (CASAS) focus on learner strengths and the measurement of skill growth in an instructional setting. Programs funded by the Bureau of Health and Nutrition, Family Services, and Adult Education are required to utilize standardized assessments developed by CASAS and are encouraged to supplement their use with informal assessments. CASAS connects curriculum, assessment, and instruction. This system helps learners understand strengths to explore options; can establish baseline skill levels; and monitors learning to target instruction based on evolving needs.

Competencies adults utilize to function effectively in society form the framework for instruction. Assessment results help target these competencies and directly inform instruction. CASAS assessments measure an individual's ability to apply basic literacy, numeracy, and communication skills while performing these adult competencies. Overall improvement in literacy ability, not just gain in one facet of a basic skill, is expected.

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