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Video Submission/Portfolio Review

While we encourage near-by out-of-state applicants, to come in person, we typically arrange auditions via the mail and telephone if the applicant cannot attend due to distance, illness, or important scheduling conflicts.

If you are unable to attend the live audition dates, you must submit your audition materials online through Acceptd. Choose “Video Submission” for Dance, Filmmaking, Music (instrumental and vocal), Musical Theater, and Theater; Choose “Portfolio Review” for Creative Writing, Photography and Visual Arts.

Inability to attend an audition in person will not affect the final acceptance evaluation.

Required Audition Materials

Creative Writing

Please submit three pieces of your best writing (poems, short stories, or personal essays)


Please provide a video (YouTube, digital file) of a dance class or performance where you are clearly featured and easily seen. This should be 3-5 minutes in length, please.


Please submit ONE of the following choices:
1) a short film/video you have created.
2) a short (3-5 minute) film script you have written.
3) two 60-second commercials in written form.

It should be clear in your submitted pieces: who the audience is; the point or objective; what is being communicated; have a clear conclusion. Please describe any visuals that go along with your work – how many actors are there, what is the background? (An example of a commercial might be a public service announcement geared toward college students who you want to make aware of the shrinking rain forest.) How would you convince your viewers?

Music (Instrumental and Vocal)

Please submit a video (YouTube, digital file) of yourself playing or singing two to three pieces that you are currently studying or have recently performed. If you are experienced in more than one style or perform on more than one instrument, please reflect this variety in your selections. If you compose music, you may include an additional performance of your own music or a portfolio of representative scores. All auditions that do not occur in person will be supplemented with an interview with the Music Department Chair.

Musical Theater

Please submit a video (YouTube, digital file) of yourself performing one song and one memorized monologue, either from a show you were in (as long as it is a solo or filmed by a friend or family member. The song and monologue must be memorized so your body is free to move as needed.


Please submit a video (YouTube, digital file) of either a single two minute monologue or two single-minute monologues from plays and tell us the names of the plays/movies. Pieces written by students or their friends are not acceptable. Keep your whole body in frame. Speak directly to the camera. Stand rather than sit, so your body is free to move as called for by the character you are playing. Monologues must be memorized.


Please submit up to four (4) photographs of your best work to date. Be selective! Choose work you have done at home, school or in outside activities. One or two black and white photos in addition to color photos are acceptable.

Visual Arts

Please provide digital representations of 8 (4 from observation and 4 personal choices) examples of recent work that best represents what you have done in the last two years.

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