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Cochlear Implant Services

About Cochlear Implant Services

CREC is ready to help you provide your students who have hearing loss and cochlear implants all the services they may need.

We provide:

  • Workshops to school personnel to:
    - Give information on cochlear implants
    - Model successful instructional techniques
    - Demonstrate the optimal use of FM systems in conjunction with cochlear implants
  • Consultation assistance to school system personnel in meeting the educational needs of the student
  • Cochlear implant mapping with a team approach
  • Full service center diagnostic capability for speech processor breakdowns and provision of replacement parts
  • Cochlear implant therapy - direct post implant aural habilitation at Soundbridge or in the child's home school
  • Direct instruction in language, speech, audition and academic skills for the student with hearing impairment, which is delivered by certified and experienced teachers of the hearing impaired
  • Recommendations for appropriate FM amplification equipment to be used in school
  • Prompt on-call repair of FM amplification equipment and provision of loan equipment when breakdowns occur
  • Yearly audiological evaluation of the student, including auditory and perceptual assessments of progress
  • Social and emotional support to the student
  • Student counseling and parent guidance services
  • Diagnostic and assessment services in speech, language, auditory skills, and academic areas
  • Parent education and support services, including pre-implant consultation, cochlear implant forums, and family networking

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