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Clinical OT/PT Services

About Clinical OT/PT Services

An outpatient clinic offers occupational therapy services for children experiencing Sensory Integrative Dysfunction, or similar challenges. Using a clinical model, CREC aims to minimize the impact of a child's difficulties and maximize independence and skill development. Children's Therapy Specialists (CTS) is a recognized provider for several insurance companies.


Conducted in a child-friendly environment, our therapists are experienced, knowledgeable, and trained to assess the needs of your child pertaining to:

  • Childhood occupations: Social participation, self care, rest and sleep, schooling, play, and leisure
  • Client factors: Sensory patterns, movement functions, and perception
  • Performance skills: Motor, sensory processing, and social interaction skills
  • Performance patterns: Habits, routines, rituals, and roles
  • Contexts and environments: Influence of activity demands and environments


CREC's facility is designed to promote active learning, development, and progress through play and therapeutic intervention. Therapy practitioners are certified and trained in a variety of approaches. Using critical reasoning, they design interventions specific to the needs of your child.

  • Ayres Sensory Integration®
  • Neuro-development
  • Visual-vestibular
  • Therapeutic listening
  • Social thinking®
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Brain Gym®
  • Oral motor and feeding
  • Self-help
  • And more..


Collaboration is a vital component to helping children reach their potential. Wrap up communication and carry over strategies occur with each session. When consulting with schools, at the family's request, we maintain a philosophy that consults should be in the best interest of the child, foster healthy working relationships, and offer a clinical perspective.

Workshops & Trainings

Ask us about hosting a workshop, or training session, in your area.

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