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Curriculum Unit Revision Infusing Technology

Goals, Objectives, and Measureable Outcomes

Goals and Objectives

The overarching goals, objectives, of CURIT are to transform the teaching and learning environment, experiences, and opportunities for students and teachers by providing, structured, streamlined, and sustained professional development, training, and coaching, with the use of 21st Century technology and practices.

CURIT incorporates and focuses on the following:

  • Increasing Teacher Proficiency, Productivity, and Comfort with Technology
  • Seamless Incorporation of Technology
  • Revitalizing Existing Curriculum
    • SBAC Preparedness
    • Standards Alignment (CCSS, State, and ISTE-NETS)
    • Student-Led Instruction
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Project-Based Learning
    • Digital Portfolios
  • Digital-Age Teaching and Learning
    • Using a Learning Management System to Support Asynchronous Learning
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Developing Peer Training Models for Sustainability and Growth
    • Digital Literacy (Online Safety, Cyberbulling, Research and Information Fluency, Productivity Tools)
    • Global Learning and Collaboration
    • Incorporating Components of the Flipped Learning Model for asynchronous teaching and learning

Measureable Outcomes

Planning and Training

DART recommends high-level planning to develop a clear and detailed vision that answers questions like:

  • How and to what level will teachers be required to integrate technology and specifically Digital / Blended Learning?
  • What is the expectation for teachers to use technologies like a tablet computing device and learning management system?
  • What support and training will they be given?
  • What extended support will be provided with those having trouble making the transition?
  • What voice and flexibility will teachers have in the process?
  • When will teachers be expected to implement the provided training?
  • What is the vision for students’ use of computing devices and other technologies?
  • What support and training will they be given?
  • What accommodations will be made for students who don’t want to use; can’t use; or forget their devices?

DART is prepared to facilitate conversations and planning meetings at this level, as well as provide additional resources and connections to address and provide solutions to the above.

Curriculum Revision and Evaluating Growth

DART would lead the selected faculty and staff through the CURIT process to meet the district’s vision and anticipated available technologies - e.g. integration of a Learning Management System (LMS), (Schoology), that allows teachers to provide time and place shifted instruction as well as providing additional assessment and communication tools. The CURIT process empowers educators to create units and lessons that move towards digital-age learning experiences. The goal in the revision process is to learn and incorporate the knowledge of seamless technology infusion to develop rigorous, engaging, and creative learning opportunities.

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