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Curriculum Unit Revision Infusing Technology


STAGE 1: Introduction And Assessment

- CURIT Introduction and Overview
- Teacher Interviews
- Teacher Surveys

The foundation of the CURIT process is connectedness. To ensure that teachers are able to gain a clear understanding of the benefits in this process, teachers are provided with a detailed overview which includes expectations, outcomes, and examples of pre-existing CURIT unit plans, student projects, and other examples of effective, efficient, and streamlined use of technology in education.

To provide qualitative data regarding knowledge level, growth, and comfort with technology, each participating teacher will describe (via voice recording and/or video), how they currently use technology in the classroom including strategies and skill level.

To provide quantitative data regarding knowledge level, growth, and comfort with technology, each teacher will complete and submit the Connecticut Teacher Technology Competencies (CTTC)** self-assessment survey online.

STAGE 2: Training And Coaching

- Introduction/Review to New and Existing Tools and Software
- Curriculum Revision (Lesson, Project, and Activity Design/Revision)
- Ensuring Independence and Sustainability Through Community-Based Teaching and Learning

Teachers review and explore available hardware and resources (e.g., tablet and laptop computers, microphones, digital video cameras, digital still cameras, document cameras, and apps) to design digital-age teaching and learning experiences. Extensive training is provided prior to the curriculum redesign process. The exploration and training ensures that teachers are able seamlessly infuse the use of digital tools and resources into the planning process.

STAGE 3: Implementation, Documentation, And Observation

- Implement Revised Curriculum
- Collection and Documentation
- Observation

Upon completion of revising their unit plans, teachers implement the revised unit plan with students. With the support of CREC specialists, teachers will receive coaching, modeling, and in-class support and assistance during implementation.

Throughout the implementation process teachers will collect, document, and electronically archive student work, assessment data, classroom projects, and other resources within Schoology in preparation for digital portfolios and other needs.

During the implementation of the units/lessons, CREC specialists will also support the teachers by documenting the teaching and learning process to support the reflection and revision in Stage 4.

STAGE 4: Reflection, Transition, And Support

- Observation Review and Feedback
- Teacher Reflections
- Teacher Post-Assessments – (i.e., CT Teacher Technology Competencies – CTTC,
- Updates and Support

The CREC specialists meet with teachers to discuss, review and discuss the documentation of the revised unit and also feedback for future plans.

To provide qualitative data regarding their experience with CURIT, and how it has impacted the teaching and learning process, teachers provide a reflection (via voice recording and/or video), describing their use of technology in the classroom post-training.

To provide quantitative data regarding knowledge gained in the area of infusing technology into the teaching and learning environment, each teacher completes and re-submits the Connecticut Teacher Technology Competencies (CTTC) self-assessment survey online, post-training.

Teachers are provided with updates within Schoology regarding new tools and technology resources and also be provided with support through strategically planned professional development sessions, throughout the school year.

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