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In the Soundbridge Early Learning Center children with and without hearing loss learn in a language-rich environment through individual and small group instruction. This unique preschool experience encourages the child's communicative competence and confidence in his or her learning abilities, as well as fostering age-appropriate physical, social-emotional, self-help, and readiness abilities..

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Kelly Ann Clark

Student Services Coordinator


Using the Creative Curriculum, with accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, each preschool class is taught by an early childhood instructor, a teacher of the hearing-impaired, and two assistant early childhood instructors.

The number of typically-developing children is limited to eight to ten children for each class, with a maximum of eight children with hearing loss. Our favorable teacher-to-child ratio is essential for the amount of attention and guided interaction we provide for each child.


  • NAEYC-accredited
  • Low teacher/student ratio
  • Language rich environment with an emphasis on learning through play
  • Curriculum that balances teacher-directed and child-initiated learning
  • Individualized, small group instruction that focuses on children’s interests and learning needs
  • Family involvement
  • Enrichment including yoga and music
  • Acoustically appropriate instructional environment
  • Before/after care and part-time/full-time enrollment options available
  • In addition, children with hearing loss receive benefit from:
    • On-site audiological services including evaluations of personal amplification and DM systems
    • Screening, assessment and determination of individual objectives for each child
    • Systematic auditory-oral instruction to promote each child's auditory, language, and speech development in small group and individual sessions, at spaced intervals throughout the day
    • Regular parent guidance sessions to help parents work and play effectively with their child in stimulating their child's auditory and spoken language development all waking hours outside of school
    • Occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological evaluations, counseling, as appropriate

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