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Center for Creative Youth
Metacomet Ridge Interdistrict Academy

Summer Institutes at University of Saint Joseph
Summer Catalyst

Center for Creative Youth
Grades: 9-12
Participating Districts: Open Statewide

The Center for Creative Youth (CCY) is a four-week summer residency in the arts for talented high school students. This program increases artistic and academic skills in an advanced and intensive arts curriculum, and reduces racial isolation as diverse students live and work together. Students gain new insight from the multicultural perspectives presented in each of the art forms and are encouraged to become more active performers and audience members. In each of the art disciplines, students gain practical experience in an advanced curriculum emphasizing critical thinking, interdisciplinary and multicultural learning, leadership skills and historical context. Students leave CCY with a better perspective on career and higher education choices.

Visit www.crec.org/ccy for more information.

Metacomet Ridge Interdistrict Academy
Grades: 7-12
Participating Districts: Open to all CREC districts

In this program, students from a wide variety of racial, ethnic and sociological backgrounds collaborate on an interdisciplinary, geographic study of the Metacomet Ridge. Through field studies, interschool visits and exchanges of information through technology, students acquire highly technical scientific skills and use technology and scientific equipment to collect information. Teams of students collect, organize and analyze data to produce reports for the Connecticut State Department of Environmental Protection and to develop presentations about their findings. This program builds critical thinking, technology competency, scientific understanding, scientific research and many other skills.

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Summer Catalyst(sm): Exploration in Sustainable Environment
Grades: 9-10
Participating Districts: Open to all CREC districts

In cooperation with the CT Center for Advanced Technology, this program helps students develop problem solving, collaboration and communication skills to address real-world issues surrounding sustainable energy and environment, through hands-on and online investigations, science and engineering. Students will explore all aspects of alternative and renewable energy technologies, their relation to global warming, career opportunities, and the roles of society and individuals in managing our energy crisis. CCAT will implement this highly interactive program.

Summer Institutes at University of Saint Joseph
Application Deadline: May 12
July 6 - July 31, 2014
Grades: 10-12
Participating Districts: Open Statewide

Through interactive classes, cooperative learning experiences, simulations and collaborative writing projects, students can earn college credit, broaden awareness, and work with fellow students from diverse racial, cultural, geographic and economic backgrounds.

Biotechnology - Students will explore the mystery behind genes and human heredity by exploring applications in DNA and protein technology including genetic engineering, cloning, and forensic science. Students are introduced to cutting edge techniques used by biotechnology companies, healthcare fields, and research labs. In the lab, students use state-of-the-art molecular biology equipment to perform basic experiments, and analyze results through lab reports. Special topics include: cellular and DNA structure, genetically modified foods, applications in forensics, genes and disease, and bioethics.

Health & Medical Science - This course involves students assessing and promoting healthy behaviors. Students evaluate their own fitness levels, stress levels, and dietary intake. With this data, students prepare portfolios, laboratory reports and presentations about their findings. Classroom and field activities expose students to fitness challenges, the food environment, nutritional science, alternative medicine, and health careers. Symposium day presentations conclude the study.

Introductory Psychology - Students study the approaches, methods and subject matter of psychological inquiry. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental questions of Psychology: 1) understanding the biological and social bases of consciousness and behavior; and 2) examining the psychology of human relations, motivation, perception, learning, personality, memory, cognition, pathology, morality, and emotion. These questions are studied through the lenses of culture and diversity.

An Introduction to Politics - This course in an introduction to the study of politics with focus on how politics shapes your daily life. Topics include the influence of politics upon: education, career and income; family and marriage; health and safety; and personal freedom and social responsibility. Attention is given to the ways you can promote justice and community improvement with special emphasis on the importance of political ideology, various kinds of government, and international affairs.

The successful completion of these residential courses earns students college credits and potentially high school credit.

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