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Prekindergarten - Language and Literacy At Home

Read early and read often!” This has been stated frequently in research of young children's literacy development. The early years are the formative years and critical to a child developing a lifelong love for learning. It's never too early to begin reading to your child. A variety of resources have been included here to provide some fun, interactive ways to help your child develop a love for learning. There are also some tips to help fit parent-child bonding into a busy schedule. Try a few activities and see what works for you and your child.

Elementary Math Activities - Supporting Fluency at Home

Most important for your child’s success in math is their continued work on number fluency. Our new state standards now require students to be fluent with addition and subtraction by the end of second grade and fluent with multiplication and division by the end of grade 3. Fluency means that a student can answer a basic fact problem independently with speed and accuracy. In order to build and maintain those skills, it is important for your child to practice their facts. Included below are various games you can play as a family that specifically target fact fluency. Choose to focus on whatever operation(s) your child needs help with. You will just need a deck of cards and a pair of dice. Enjoy!

Bedtime Math (Link)

You read to your children at night but what about math? This site will email you a daily math problem that can become part of your daily routine, just like reading. Each day problems are introduced through real world content. Recent problems were based around the Rainbow Loom, Scrabble, Duct Tape and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. There are even three levels of problems, all centered around the daily topic: Wee Ones, Little Kids, Big Kids.

Interactive Family Resource Map

The City of Hartford has an Online Family Resource Directory Interactive Map to show you the locations of Government buildings, Schools, Family Encrichment Centers, Support Services, and many other useful spots and offices.

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