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Talent Development and Innovation

Teacher’s Choice is an opportunity for second year and beyond CREC teachers to identify and pursue learning experiences specifically tailored to the needs of your school and classroom. The Teacher’s Choice process reinforces CREC’s Core Values by providing time to engage in self-directed, collaborative learning in order to develop creative solutions to educational challenges to meet the needs of our students. Our hope is that as you work in partnership with your colleagues, you will see an immediate impact on your practice and your students’ learning.

Proposals will be developed by CREC teachers and due by September 22, 2017. A catalog of all proposals will be published in late September, and all year two and beyond CREC teachers will have the opportunity to select the group that best addresses their professional growth targets. Year one CREC teachers will have a special Teacher’s Choice First Year Cohort. All other teachers may work with teams from their school or across the district. PLCs will stay together for all sessions, and a single topic or problem of practice will be identified and explored in depth as the year progresses.

Teacher’s Choice Meeting Dates

  • October 18, 2017
  • February 14, 2018
  • April 18, 2018
  • May 16, 2018


All Teacher's Choice groups are expected to meet for a minimum of three hours. The default time for Teacher's Choice is 1:00-4:00 PM; however, start and end times may be adjusted to best meet the needs of the group. For example, if a group is able to begin at 12:30 PM, they should plan to end at 3:30 PM. Likewise, meeting locations will be selected to best meet the needs of all group members. The session may meet in the same location each time or rotate between various schools. The group’s coordinator will identify and communicate the host classroom for each session.


From now through September 22, 2017, professional learning proposals are being accepted to develop a catalog of Teacher’s Choice Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Proposals for teachers choice will focus in one of the following areas:

  • Connecting with Students, Parents, or the Community
  • Research-Based Instruction
  • Advancing Disciplinary Literacy
  • Integrating Technology to Maximize Learning
  • Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Assessment Literacy
  • Promoting the Essential Skills
  • New Teacher Cohort*
  • Other (Grade level, department, team or school-based initiative)

*Year one CREC teachers will have a special Teacher’s Choice First Year Cohort.

After choosing a topic, consider the various types of collaborative learning experiences that could meet the intent of the proposal. Please see the list below for a variety of resources that can be used to guide a collaborative learning experience.

Any teacher may submit a professional learning proposal; however, submitting a proposal signifies an agreement to coordinate the proposed learning opportunity.

Group Coordination

Teacher’s Choice is designed to encourage groups of teachers to direct their own learning. Coordinators are not expected to plan each session. Rather, the coordinator serves as a catalyst for the learning, bringing together a group of likeminded colleagues to collaboratively address the topic. Given the numerous factors impacting logistics, coordinators are expected to be the main contact for details related to session location and meeting time. See below for a complete list of coordinator responsibilities.

Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Identify a professional learning need or area of interest and submit a proposal
  • Identify a host classroom(s)
  • Identify meeting time, taking into account dismissal times and school locations
  • Communicate meeting time and location to the group
  • Submit a brief session feedback form on behalf of the group, detailing attendance, objectives, major takeaways, and next steps.

Reporting Results

Teachers Choice participants will be asked to prepare and share a summary of their work after the May 16th session to the faculty at their school. Schools will set aside a specific meeting time for faculty to share out their objectives, learning process, major takeaways and next steps. Focus on how your learning informed your practice and how the Teacher’s Choice process is aligned to Domain 4.

Consider various ways to share:

  • Develop a Schoology Group or Google folder of curated resources.
  • Share a video of your classroom, showcasing your learning in action.
  • Model your learning by leading your peers through a sample activity.

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