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Talent Development and Innovation

Teacher Evaluation

CREC Magnet Schools is committed to a high standard of teaching in each of its schools. To ensure that every teacher in CREC performs at the highest possible levels, CREC Magnet Schools employs a comprehensive teacher evaluation system based on Charlotte Danielson’s teaching framework.

CREC Magnet Schools also stressed the connection between teacher evaluation and teacher professional learning. This graphic to the right defines the interrelationships between evaluation, professional learning, and professional growth.

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Complementary Evaluators

CREC offers their tenured teachers opportunities to serve as leaders in their schools and district by participating in the teacher evaluation process as complementary evaluators. Complementary evaluators assist primary evaluators by conducting formal observations, and providing feedback to inform a teacher’s final evaluation.

Watch and Learn About the Benefits of Being a Complementary Evaluator

Are you a CREC tenured teacher interested in becoming a complementary evaluator? If so, please email Meredith Oliveira.

“There are so many great things that happen on a daily basis in classrooms that we don’t always get to see. Being a complementary evaluator, I have a direct impact on evaluating a teacher and then going through the strategies to help them improve and build on their successes.”

Frank Curtin, Complementary Evaluator, CREC Public Safety Academy

Complementary Evaluators Resources ▼

  • Complementary Evaluator Guide: CREC’s Complementary Evaluator Guide provides information related to the responsibilities, qualifications, hiring process, compensation, and implementation guidelines of the position.
  • CREC Complementary Evaluator Agreement: All CREC teachers who plan to be observed by a CREC complementary evaluator must complete the acknowledgement form prior to the start of their evaluation process each school year.

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