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Essential Skills for Deeper Learning

The vision of CREC Schools is to empower a diverse population of students to take ownership in meaningful learning and to be successful life-long learners in an ever changing global society. To achieve this vision, an intense commitment is put forward by all educators to motivate students to think critically and achieve high intellectual performance. CREC magnet schools are committed to the success of every student. Each student is encouraged to learn at the highest level through a rigorous curriculum with a focus on core content mastery. Each lesson is uniquely conceived and designed to inspire innovation and the exploration of new knowledge.Through the consistent encouragement of the essential skills for deeper learning, all students are prepared for success at every grade level.

The essential skills for deeper learning are comprised of a framework that not only encourages student success, but inspires educators to think critically about student learning. Teachers and students are encouraged to connect, motivate, and empower each other to be 21st century learners. See more information regarding CREC's Essential Skills for Deeper Learning here.

Student success is dependent on these essential skills.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Examples: analyzing information; reasoning and judging effectively; solving authentic problems and reflecting upon the process; researching responsibly while using appropriate digital tools and technology.

Communication and Collaboration
Examples: interpersonal communication; communication through various media; listening; demonstrating cultural understanding; ability to work in diverse settings; sharing responsibility

Creativity and Innovation
Examples: thinking creatively with a wide range of ideas; working creatively and communicating new ideas and diverse perspectives; demonstrating courage to both explore and fail; implementing tangible innovations and innovative products.

Self-Direction and Resourcefulness
Examples: managing short-term and long-term goals; utilizing time and multitasking effectively; working independently and self-directing learning; demonstrating initiative and commitment to lifelong learning; cooperating with others respectfully and positively.


Part of CREC Magnet Schools’ mission is to be a leading educational organization. In order to be a leading institution, we must ask that our faculty be educational leaders who are dedicated to the success of all students. To accomplish this, CREC Magnet Schools has joined the EdLeader21 national network of schools and district leadership. EdLeader21 is the first national Professional Learning Community, and this community is dedicated to improving schools and teachers so that every student is prepared for citizenship in our changing world.

CREC Magnet Schools has adapted EdLeader21’s 4Cs (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity) into the student success model below.

In order for students to be successful and deemed college ready, they must demonstrate proficiency with essential knowledge and skills in core content areas and develop the thinking and learning skills to be academically, socially and emotionally prepared for lifelong learning and global citizenship.

To learn more about EdLeader21’s vision for student success, please watch the video below. You can also watch other EdLeader21 videos and download resources here.

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