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Specialized Literacy Services

About Specialized Literacy Services

Literacy competency is a key to student success both in school and in life. CREC understands that addressing the complex needs of struggling readers can be a challenge. As a result, CREC’s Technical Assistance and Brokering Services created a comprehensive menu of literacy resources to support district efforts. CREC’s literacy team of reading experts can address your organization’s needs through professional development, coaching, and direct student support in the areas of curriculum; instruction and intervention; evaluation and assessment: and staffing.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Intervention


  • Training general and special education staff in co-teaching configurations and strategies
  • Job-embedded professional development, model lessons, and instructional coaching
  • Co-teaching for readers’ and writers’ workshop models

Specific Learning Disability/Dyslexia Training and Support

  • “Understanding Dyslexia” webinars
  • Guided reading implementation in the classroom
  • Multi-sensory reading, instruction, and support
  • Support for other systems

Explicit Instruction

  • A multi-step model that focuses on developing a learner’s ability to engage in the thinking skills and actions necessary to perform complex tasks

Self-Regulating Strategy Development for Writing

  • An evidence-based approach to teaching students self-regulation strategies while simultaneously teaching them content or subject strategies

Specialized Programming

  • Curriculum mapping related to standards for alternate curriculum access
  • Integrated approaches in multi-sensory reading
  • Oral language and writing development for inclusive practices

Systemic Literacy Approach

  • Writing and implementing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to maximize the educational benefit in literacy
  • Setting up an affective reading intervention program in districts and schools
  • Scheduling effective literacy services
  • Using a model to reinforce literacy skills throughout the educational program
  • Scientific Research-Based Interventions

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

  • UDL guidelines
  • Curriculum and lessons through UDL
  • District curriculum and action planning

CREC provides training, tutoring, and instructional coaching to districts in the implementation of research-based interventions in reading, writing, and oral language development.

University of Kansas – Strategic Intervention Model

  • A comprehensive program proven effective for developing literacy skills with more than 30 years of research and classroom experience

Wilson Reading System

  • Basic (three-day) Wilson overview of professional development
  • Level 1 certification programs
  • Just Words
  • Fundations
  • Coaching services for interventionists

Evaluation and Assessment

Assistive Technology (AT)

  • Student evaluation provides low and high-tech AT tools to increase access to the curriculum
  • Training for staff to implement the use of AT tools in the classroom

Comprehensive Literacy Evaluation

  • Evaluations to determine strengths and needs in reading and writing instruction before, during, or after a special education referral

Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI)

  • Training in the administration of QRI
  • Using the QRI to plan programming options
  • Other reading assessment training available uponrequest

Staffing Solutions

  • Reading specialists to conduct independent reading evaluations
  • Bilingual evaluations for students with disabilities
  • Tutoring services in specialized reading literacy programs
  • Assistive technology evaluations for reading andwriting
  • Special education teachers and paraprofessionals
  • Literacy coaches
  • Certified Wilson tutors

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