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Transition and Job Coaching


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About Transition and Job Coaching

CREC offers a variety of school-to-career and school-to-post-secondary education services to support district transition efforts. Expert consultation is available for school program development, integrated community programming services, for future planning and for IEP planning for 18-21-year-old students.

Conducting Age Appropriate Transition Assessments

CREC provides resources and teaches educators about various transition assessments. CREC educates staff about completing comprehensive, age-appropriate transition assessments in areas including interests, abilities, preferences, strengths, independent living skills, community skills, self-determination, situational assessments, and organization and study skills. CREC's education specialists train staff to complete transition assessments and provide appropriate, assessment-based transition planning for secondary students.

Providing Community-Based Work Assessments

CREC provides technical assistance for schools to create and expand community-based work experience programs. CREC assists school districts in ensuring that programs are aligned with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Additionally, CREC supports the completion of work evaluations, situational assessments, and functional vocational evaluations.

Create Comprehensive Transition IEP's

Aligning the CT Core Transition Skills, Common Core State Standards and Individualized Education Programs (IEP), requires careful consideration to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of these legal documents while simultaneously maximizing opportunities for students with disabilities. CREC can assist with developing an IEP that will be in compliance with indicator 13 and assist the student in developing their skills to successfully transition to adulthood.

Collaboration with Families on Adult Agencies and Providers

As students with disabilities transition from high school, they move of entitlement (IDEA) to one of eligibility for services (ADA). Consultation and technical assistance is available for developing effective connections with state and local adult service agencies. CREC can assist with linking students with disabilities to the appropriate state agency or provider for adult services. It is imperative that individuals with disabilities are linked to adult services prior to leaving the local schools districts. CREC can assist with making the connections.

Facilitating Futures Planning

Futures planning is a collaborative approach that provides opportunities to view a person's future positively. This training teaches participants to prepare and facilitate futures planning sessions that assist parents, school personnel, and other interested parties in developing positive futures plans.

Link CT Core Transition Standards with CCSS

Assistance with linking proficiency within the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics (Math) to transition-focused activities aligned the CT Core Transition Stadnards. Activities that are focused on transition-related skills (e.g., self-advocacy, self-management,knowledge of career options, job-specific skills) connected to specific ELA and Math standards from the Common Core State Standards.

Situational Work Assessments

Comprehensive, age-appropriate vocational and transition assessments inform the development of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and guide transition planning for students with disabilities. This process incorporates parent interviews, staff consultations, file reviews, student interviews, formal and informal assessments (i.e. interests, abilities, values, etc.), and situational assessments, as appropriate. A situational assessment is when a student is observed in multiple work sites (school and/or community-based) in order to evaluate their vocational skills in various areas such as: strength, endurance, and ability to adapt to change. Assessments are individualized for the specific needs of the student.

Establish Community Based Transition Programs

CREC can work with districts to establish a regional community-based transition program for individuals with disabilities. This past year, CREC established a regional community-based transition program for Guilford, Madison, and Clinton Public Schools. We can assist with the planning process and development of the program.

Job Coach Training

In order to support districts in preparing paraprofessionals to meet increased demands and certification requirements, CREC offers Compass, a comprehensive job-embedded professional development curriculum aligned with National paraprofessional standards and developed specifically for paraprofessional. Customized training programs are also offered.

Transition Resource Counselor Services

CREC provides individualized consultation and technical assistance for Local Education Agency (LEA)s with regard to transition-aged youth. The services include, but are not limited to, assessment, IEP development, transition activities, futures planning, development of community-based transition programs, and self-advocacy/self-determination programs.

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