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CREC Soundbridge offers three main types of audiological support services to provide educational audiology and technical support

  1. The Audiological Maintenance Service (AMS) is designed for students identified with hearing loss and who use personal hearing aids and/or cochlear implants
  2. The Assistive Listening Service (ALS) is designed for students identified with mild, unilateral, or fluctuating hearing loss, or another identified listening need, who do not use personal hearing aids or cochlear implants
  3. The Auditory Processing Management Service (APM) is for students identified with auditory processing disorders

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Joyce E. Rioux, Ed.D, OTR/L, SCSS, FAOTA

Supervisor of Audiology


Service Components

Workshop-to-student's team to provide information regarding:

  • Impact of the hearing loss or auditory processing disorder on the student's learning
  • Optimal use of the FM system
  • Teaching strategies and hints for effective communication with students who have a hearing disability, or listening difficulty

Educational Audiology Assessments (with written report)

For students with identified hearing loss (AMS or ALS), the assessment will include:

  • Confirmation of appropriateness of student's amplification for optimal auditory access
  • Computer programming (ALS & AMS) and verification (AMS) of the FM system to ensure maximum benefit
  • Monitoring of the student's auditory perceptual abilities

For students with identified auditory processing disorders (APM), reassessment may be needed to determine:

  • If neutral changes have occurred post-intervention
  • Growth of auditory skills in comparison to age-related norms
  • If specific deficits remain that require intervention
  • Which, if any, auditory-related accommodations are needed
  • If the use of an FM assistive listening device continues to be warranted

Regular on-site visits are needed to:

  • Check the functioning of the amplification system
  • Troubleshoot the FM system when problems occur (e.g. static, weak signal, interference with other systems)
  • Provide functional assessment of student's auditory access
  • Consult with student's case manager, or teacher, regarding the child's access to sound

AMS: Monthly visits to the student's school
ALS: Quarterly visits to the student's school
APM: Quarterly visits to the student's school
(Please note: The frequency of these on-site visits has been determined in accordance with historical data regarding frequency of student and school district needs. Additional troubleshooting, technical assistance, and emergency visits are always available as part of the service plan, as needed. See "FM Maintenance" below.)

FM technical support and maintenance including:

  • Technical support from audiology technician via phone and email during school hours
  • Emergency visits to school to address FM problems when needed
  • Timely provision of back-up FM components (e.g., receivers or transmitters) as needed
  • Timely provision of back-up FM accessories (e.g. wax traps, retention hooks, DAI boots, lapel microphones) as needed
  • Repair of FM when needed under conditions of manufacturer's warranty
  • Provision of consumable batteries for use during school
  • Provision of custom earmolds for use with the FM system, when needed
  • Guidance, as needed, regarding the coupling of student's personal FM to their classroom amplification system or other electronic equipment (e.g. Smartboard, computer, assembly microphone)
  • Management and tracking of town-owned FM equipment through Soundbridge's database

Educational audiologist support to:

  • Provide general consultation
  • Participate in PPT meetings
  • Consult with educational team and communicate with case manager on ongoing basis
  • Provide classroom observation upon request

Additional services (available on request) to include:

  • Classroom observation from a Soundbridge Teacher of the hearing impaired
  • FM purchase recommendations
  • Manufacturer's volume discount passed to the district when ordering FM with a Soundbridge recommendation
  • FM rental options available
  • Professional development opportunities for district staff
  • Student support activities available

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