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Job Descriptions and Salary Ranges

Below, please find a list of positions at CREC. Click the links to read the available job descriptions. For salary ranges, you can view the Salary Ranges document, or view the collective bargaining agreement for that position.

If you're looking to apply for a job, please head to our External Job Opportunities page, or for current CREC Employees our Internal Job Opportunities page.

Salary Ranges


Certified Administrators

Health Professional



Van Drivers

Job TitleJob Code
ABA Instructor1015
Academic Advisor1025
Activities Coordinator1150
Administrative Assistant1200
Adventure Facilitator Educator1225
Assistant Coordinator1285
Assistant Director (certified)1300
Assistant Director (non-certified)1325
Assistant Early Childhood Instructor1338
Assistant Executive Director, Finance & Operation1800
Assistant Executive Director1350
Assistant Health Service Supervisor1351
Assistant Home Supervisor1352
Assistant Human Resources Director1355
Assistant Principal1525
Assistant Residential Director1362
Assistant Transportation Coordinator1425
Assistant to the Director1450
Assistant to the Student Services Director1400
Associate Instructor1500
Associate Resource Person1550
Audiology Assistant1625
Behavior Analyst1650
Business Manager1753
Cafeteria Worker1755
Case Coordinator1850
Case Manager II1925
Case Manager1900
Certified Case Manager1930
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)1940
Chef Supervisor1975
Child Care Worker II200
Child Care Worker III2050
Client Services Manager2075
Clinical Director2150
Community Liaison2235
Computer Technician2250
Coordinator (certified)2325
Core Faculty2338
Counselor (certified)2350
Data Management Assistant2405
Daycare Assistant2420
Department Head-GHAPA2425
Developmental Recreation Specialist2450
Diesel Technician2470
Director (certified)2550
Director (non-certified)2600
Director Staff Development and Training Services2650
Director of Communications2525
Director of Q&A, Prog. Dev, & Student Services2537
Early Childhood Instructor2667
Early Childhood Interventionist (non-certified)2675
Education Assistant2673
Education Director2669
Education Service Specialist2671
Evaluation Specialist2680
Executive Director2700
Facilities Maintenance Specialist I2750
Facilities Maintenance Specialist II2800
Facilities Manager2825
Family and Community Engagement Liaison2920
Finance Coordinator2300
Financial Policy Specialist2900
General Director (Academy of the Arts)2957
General Director2950
Grants Coordinator3000
Hall Monitor3026
Head Start Administrative Assistant5601
Head Start Assistant Director5605
Head Start Classroom and Meal Aide5625
Head Start Education Coordinator5635
Head Start Education and Disabilities Manager5637
Head Start Family Service Worker5640
Head Start Family Support Specialist5645
Head Start Fiscal Specialist5615
Head Start Health Specialist5669
Head Start Nutrition Administrative Assistant5601
Head Start Nutrition Coordinator5673
Head Start Office Administrator5675
Head Start Program Services Manager5683
Head Start Quality Assurance Manager5685
Head Start Site Supervisor5690
Head Start Teacher II5699
Home Supervisor3050
Human Resources Analyst3083
Human Resources Assistant3085
Human Resources Director3080
Human Resources Manager3090
Human Resources Recruitment & Selection Asst.3087
Human Resources Recuiter3086
Human Resources Specialist I3100
Human Resources Specialist II3101
Human Resources Specialist III3103
Job Coach3150
Job Placement Counselor3165
Language Facilitator3175
Lead Therapist3180
Liaison Counselor3200
Lot Attendant3215
Maintenance Technician2400
Manager Information Technology4580
Manager Instruction Technology3250
Manager of Cooperative Purchasing3787
Manager of Instructional Projects3787
Manager of Products and Services3787
Manager of Staffing Solutions3787
Managing Director of CCY3387
Managing Director3325
Meeting Coordinator3425
Music Therapist3440
Nurse (LPN)3451
Nurse (RN)3450
Occupational Therapist3550
Occupational Therapy Assistant1950
Office Administrator3600
Office Assistant3575
Operations Manager3625
Parent Educator2415
Payroll Coordinator3675
Physical Therapist3750
Placement Coordinator3775
Program Assistant3765
Program Manager (certified)3788
Program Manager3787
Psychologist (certified)4000
Psychologist (non-certified)4025
Purchasing Coordinator1100
Recruitment Coordinator2300
Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)4065
Research Technician4075
Residential Counselor4275
Residential Director4300
Residential Manager4350
Resource Person4400
Secretary to the Executive Director4475
Security Maintenance Technician4560
Senior Department Head GHAPA4575
Service Coordinator4583
Social Worker (certified)4600
Social Worker (non-certified)4650
Software Specialist4590
Special Education Teacher4900
Specialist (certified)4700
Speech and Language Pathologist4775
Staffing Facilitor4725
Student Management Assistant4735
Supervisor (certified)4837
Systems Operator4850
Technology Consultant4750
Technology Specialist I5075
Technology Specialist II5080
Technology Training Coordinator5100
Trainer II (certified)5200
Trainer II (non-certified)5250
Trainer III5255
Van Driver5300

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