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Looking for Student Teachers, Interns, or Observers

In partnership with universities, colleges, alternative certification programs and other teacher preparation programs, the Institute of Teaching and Learning coordinates placement for certification interns and student teachers in CREC schools & programs, and throughout our district in a variety of classroom settings.

Principals Looking for Assistance

Principals are asked to assist in accommodating student teachers and interns in order to provide pre-service professionals with the opportunity to integrate learned theory into practical application. The Principal or designee’s responsibilities include authorizing cooperating teachers, approving placement of student teachers and scheduling an initial meeting with the university supervisor to ensure proper supervision of student teacher. The length of time and specifics of placement are determined by the requesting university.

Interns/Student Teachers must have clearance from the Institute of Teaching and Learning before arriving on your campus. Eligibility can be confirmed through the AppliTrack system.

It is up to the Principal to ensure that all certification interns and student teachers are cleared through the Institute of Teaching and Learning. Principals can invite specific student teachers for placement at their schools by submitting a request via email to Meredith Oliveira. We appreciate your assistance in providing pre-service educators with a quality educational experience in a supportive learning environment. For more information on the Student Teaching placement process, please contact Meredith Oliveira.

Universities Looking for Assistance

Partnering Universities, Colleges and Alternative Certification Programs:

  • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Central Connecticut State University
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Hartford
  • University of Saint Joseph

CREC requests that Placement Coordinators:

  • submit student teacher placement requests to Meredith Oliveira.
  • upon receipt of placement information, schedule a time for student teacher applicants to complete the AppliTrack application
  • upon receipt of placement approval, contact the Cooperating Teacher to confirm placement and provide specifics of placement
  • if and when changes occur with the student teacher placement, Supervisors are to notify the Cooperating Teacher and submit changes to the CREC Institute of Teaching & Learning
CREC values our partnerships and work towards creating a seamless process that provides for a successful experience for our future educators. For more information on the Intern/Student Teaching Program and/or its process, please contact Meredith Oliveira.

Orientation Suggestions

The checklist below is an incomplete list of the kinds of things a new student teacher to your building will need to learn. It isn’t your responsibility to tell the student teacher all of this, but please provide some time and resources so the student can learn this information.

Times, places, and general expectations

  • What are the policies for attendance?
  • What are the policies for student teachers to attend meetings and other professional development events?
  • Where can/should the student teacher park?
  • What door(s) should the student teacher use?
  • Where should the student teacher check in?
  • What are the expectations for wearing Identification?
  • What are the school hours?
  • What is the best way to get a message to the cooperating teacher?
  • What is the school calendar during the student teacher’s time at the school?
  • Does the school have a dress code for teachers? For students? How do teachers dress typically?

Safety and discipline

  • What are the safety procedures and policies (ie. first aid, fire drill, lost student, fighting, lock-down)?
  • What is the school discipline policy?

School culture and organization

  • What is the school motto? The school team name?
  • How is the school organized? Are there multiple grade levels? Are there teams? Are there departments?
  • Where do teachers eat lunch? Where do teachers keep their lunches?
  • Is there a teacher break room? Where can the University observer sit to write up notes?

Student considerations

  • What are the student characteristics?
  • How are special education students included? Are there separate special education classrooms? Where are they?

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