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Exploring Options. Planning Life Goals. Building Independence.

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The Capitol Region Transition Academy provides services for young adults ages 18 to 22 with mild to moderate learning needs related to intellectual disabilities, autism, or other cognitive or developmental types of disabilities. The Academy specializes in supporting young adults who qualify for very little or no adult services. The intention is to collaborate with families and school districts to develop young adults who can learn how to use natural supports and a wide variety of community resources to become independent. The Academy uses a framework based on Charting the LifeCourse™ to provide a comprehensive approach related to career development, daily living skills, community engagement, and postsecondary education pathways.

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Kimberly Mearman, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Student Services


Location & Hours

474 School St.
East Hartford, CT 06108

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Purpose: To create independence in young adults with disabilities while they plan and develop healthy, financially sound, and life goals.

Vision: Young adults with disabilities will independence within a meaningfully constructed lifestyle.

Mission: To use high-quality transition planning and comprehensive service delivery model to support young adults ages 18-22 in realizing their full potential by addressing their needs and goals related to daily living, community engagement, career or vocational planning, and post-secondary education or adult learning pathways.

Program Features

Graphic showing the four program features, defined below, and that they all link to one another

The Academy has developed a curriculum framework dedicated to a comprehensive approach to transition planning and services. This framework, based on Charting the LifeCourse™, focuses on four main features.

Badge Icon for Developing a Career or Vocation

Developing a Career or Vocation

Young adults will explore various professions and vocations, develop skills, and have opportunities that support the ability to obtain and maintain future employment.

Globe Icon for Engaging in the Community

Engaging in the Community

Young adults will explore experiences and develop skills to participate in and use resources within the community as well as learn how to be part of social systems.

House Icon for Living in My Home

Living in My Home

Young adults explore options and experiences related to daily living, while developing skills that effectively manage a residence and take care of oneself.

Lightbulb Icon for Defining Post-Secondary or Adult Learning Opportunities

Defining Post-Secondary or Adult Learning Opportunities

Young adults explore, develop skills, and experiences that build pathways towards adult learning, including four year/two-year college degrees, technical certifications, adult education classes, etc.

Academy Information

The Academy is located near Main Street in East Hartford. This central location allows the Academy easy access to various employment and community opportunities and public transportation. In addition, the facility is designed to serve both as a classroom setting for learning skills related to transition and a home-like environment for learning skills related to daily living, including a fully functional kitchen and laundry.

School Hours: 8:30 to 2:30, Monday through Friday

School Year: The Academy runs concurrently with the typical school calendar with the option for an extended school year (ESY) in July as determined by a student’s Planning and Placement Team (PPT).

Staffing: The Academy is staffed with a transition coordinator/special education teacher and job coaches, who are specically trained in the area of transition services.

Referrals: Referrals to the Academy are made by school districts through the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) process. For information on the intake process, please email Kimberly Mearman, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Student Services at

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Exterior photo of the Kitchen
Exterior photo of a Classroom

CREC Health Services

The mission of the Capitol Region Educational Council’s Health Services Team is to promote, protect and enhance the health status of all students. School nurses assess and intervene to address actual and potential health concerns. We support the social, emotional and physical well-being of students to facilitate optimal learning. Nurses encourage a collaborative partnership of all school staff, parents and community members to achieve this mission.

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