Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing - Save Time and Money

CREC brings the buying power of many school districts, municipalities and non-profit organizations together to offer numerous savings opportunities. We try to make cooperative purchasing as simple as possible, so that school districts, towns and non-profit organizations save money AND time.

CREC’s philosophy regarding cooperatively bid programs encompasses the following:

  • All bids must be publicized so that all vendors have an opportunity to respond
  • All bids are evaluated and awarded based upon the total offer – lowest price, ability to offer the exact product requested, ability to deliver and customer service

CREC has a two-fold approach to these offers. First, when feasible, CREC develops its own competitively bid programs.  Secondly, CREC sponsors and promotes national competitively bid programs to complement CREC’s in-state offers. With this philosophy, CREC taps into the expertise of other programs who offer value and competitive prices.

These local and national programs are available to all public and private school districts, towns and municipalities, libraries and non-profit organizations. We continually do research to understand the market, improve our offers, and work with vendors to resolve problems. Our programs are endorsed by CT RESC Alliance and are available to districts throughout the state and throughout New England.

CREC’s Cooperative Purchasing program is one more way that we provide cost-effective solutions to public education challenges.

For more information, contact Cara Hart at (860) 524-4021 or

Vendor Spotlight

Art Supplies WholesaleArt Supplies Wholesale is a supplier of art materials to artists, schools, museums and other public/private organizations. They furnish major brand merchandise at wholesale prices.


“Amity RSD #5 undertook a comprehensive roof restoration project of approximately 200,000 square feet at Amity High School during the summer of 2012. An RFQ was issued and responding vendors who participate in national purchasing agreements were interviewed. Amity selected Tremco as the vendor of choice for this project [using CREC's contract with Tremco though AEPA]. Tremco handled the whole job professionally and efficiently from start to finish. The cost proposal given at the start of the project was absolute. There were no hidden charges or change order attempts. Tremco had an on-site project manager the entire time workers were on premises, which ensured all work was done correctly. This project was done right on budget, on time, and with superior results. I would highly recommend the turn-key roof restoration solution that Tremco offers through their national purchasing contract [with CREC].”

Jim Saisa
Director of Facilities
Amity Regional School District #5

Energy Savings Programs

CREC also offers an energy savings program in collaboration with DBS Energy. This program allows districts to cut energy costs with no up-front out of pocket investment. (Learn more)

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