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About Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting Safety Protocols for COVID-19


  • If you are feeling sick in any way, please stay home. You can cancel and or reschedule your appointment by calling (860) 524-4003 or emailing
  • You must wear a mask or other face-covering (not provided)
  • No more than two people, including the Fingerprint Specialist, will be allowed in the fingerprinting office, so we ask that you please come alone. Any guests accompanying you, including children, must wait outside or in the lobby, and also wear a face-covering.
  • Upon arrival you will be required to complete the CHRI form, provide two forms of ID, and payment on a clipboard provide by our front desk staff. As a precaution, when finished with the paperwork, you will leave the clipboard on the front desk for the Fingerprint Specialist to retrieve.
  • The Fingerprint Specialist will retirieve the clipboard and escort to the fingerprinting office when ready.
  • After you have been fingerprinted, your documents are reviewed and signed, and payment has been processed, the fingerprint specialist will hand you any necessary documentation and escort you back to the main lobby.
  • Clipboards and The LiveScan fingerprinting device will be cleaned and disinfected before and after every use.


In Connecticut, all newly hired employees of school districts must be fingerprinted for state and national criminal history records checks within (30) thirty days from the date such worker begins to perform such service. No candidate shall be fingerprinted without a signed referral form from a Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) approved Board of Education (BOE), Charter, State, Endowed, Private School or Regional Education Service Center (RESC).

What to bring for your Fingerprinting appointment

  • Two forms of valid IDs:
    • One must be a government-issued photo ID. Acceptable documents include:
      - Passport
      - Birth Certificate
      - SSN (Social Security number) Card
      - State issued ID
      - Driver’s License
      - Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
      - Native American Tribal Card
      - Enhanced Driver’s License
      - Enhanced State ID
      - Enhanced Tribal Card
      - Military ID
      - Military Dependent ID
      - Military Retired ID
      - Merchant Mariner Credential
      - TWIC card
      - Visa with Foreign Passport
      - Permanent Resident Card
    • The names must match on both documents. If names do not match, please bring in your change of name document (e.g marriage, divorce, or legal change of name document). This document must have official seal, no photo copies.
  • Completed Connecticut History Record Information (CHRI) form, signed and dated from your sending agency (BOE, Charter, State, Endowed, Private School or RESC).
  • Payment: Visa or MasterCard or certified bank cashier’s check or money order made payable to CREC. (No personal checks or cash accepted).

What is the cost for Fingerprinting?

The cost for fingerprinting varies:


Individuals hired/employed directly by a local or regional board of education (BOE). This includes substitute teachers who are hired by the BOE.


Student Teachers or students enrolled in teaching placement programs. This does not include regular interns or nursing students. Please bring your Student Teacher Enrollment Confirmation Form to your fingerprint appointment.


Individuals employed by, under consideration for employment by, or in a paid or unpaid position in which he/she will work with or around children in the elementary or secondary school or agency; this includes interns, nursing students, appointed or contracted school nurses or nurse practitioners, public assistance employment applicants, and contracted workers who are paid or not paid. This also includes individuals in a paid or unpaid position that may have unsupervised access to or provide treatment, education, training instruction, supervision, or recreation to children, the elderly, or the disabled and are not required or cannot be fingerprinted under a state law.


CREC newly hired employees.


  1. If an individual presents CHRI forms for more than one local or regional board of education (BOE) or Charter, State, Endowed, Private School or RESC at the time of the appointment, in addition to the above fees, the applicant must pay the following:
    1. $12.75 per result for individuals hired/employed directly by a local or regional BOE.
    2. $87.00 per result for individuals employed by, under consideration for employment by, or in a paid or unpaid position in which he/she will work with or around children in the elementary or secondary school or agency; this includes student teachers, interns, nursing students, public assistance employment applicants, and contracted workers who are paid or NOT paid.
  2. The customer’s name must be on the card that is being presented for payment and the person presenting the card must be present to sign. If you choose to use a credit card, there will be an additional 4.16% service charge for the total charged.

What you will receive after Fingerprinting

  • Two photocopies of your fingerprints taken on the Live Scanner; stamped and signed by the Fingerprint Technician confirming you were fingerprinted.
  • One copy to give to your employer or school(s) you will be working.
  • The second for your own personal records.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to share one copy of your fingerprint document with your employer or the school(s) that you will be working / interning so they may be informed you were fingerprinted by CREC on the date reflected on the document. If you lose the copies you received CREC will not be able to reproduce a copy of your fingerprints, resulting in you having to pay again to be re-fingerprinted.

Scheduling an Appointment

Fingerprinting is done by appointment only. The name of the person on the schedule must be the person present for the appointment.

Our Fingerprinting Services location is: CREC Central Offices, 111 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106. map For customer support, please call (860) 524-4003 or email

Fingerprinting appointments are scheduled:
Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Emergency closings and cancellations will be announced on our voicemail at (860) 524-4003.

► Click for a detailed list of RESCs with School Districts within their jurisdiction.

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Connecticut History Record Information (CHRI) Form

All applicants must present completed CHRI form signed by the school district representative requesting the criminal background check at the time of the appointment. A separate form is required for each school district for which you would like the results to be sent.

Download the Criminal History Requisition Form Here

All the following areas listed below need to be completed before the day of your fingerprinting or the applicant will need to reschedule their fingerprint appointment:

  • Applicant's Name, Date of Birth & Position
  • School Name and School Address
  • Printed Name of School Representative, Signature & Date


Depending on what type of school/facility you are being fingerprinted for, you may also need to bring a completed National Child Protection Act/Volunteers for Children Act (NCPA/VCA) Waiver and Consent form or the Volunteer and Employment Criminal History System (VECHS) Waiver and Consent form. Please check with your school/facility with regards to this requirement.

Download the NCPA/VCA form Here

Download the VECHS form Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check to see if CREC Fingerprinting Services is open during inclement weather?

In the case of inclement weather, please call (860) 524-4003 to listen to an automated announcement regarding fingerprinting appointments.

I would like to apply to multiple schools. What is the process?

You will need to provide one completed Connecticut History Record Information (CHRI) form from each approved BOE, Charter, State, Endowed, Private School or RESC and payment for each school. CREC will perform the fingerprinting services and submit the prints to the Connecticut State Police for processing. The results are sent directly to each school by the Connecticut State Police.

I worked for a school district last year. I will be working in a new district this year. Do I need to be fingerprinted again?

Yes. You will need to provide the completed CHRI form from the new district and payment within 30 days of your employment date.

I worked for one week at a school district and will be working again this year in the same district. Do I need to be fingerprinted again?

No. By working at least one day in that school district, you are considered a continuous employee for that district. However, the district may choose to require you be fingerprinted again.

Who gets my results and when?

The results are sent directly to each school by the Connecticut State Police. As the results are sent by the Connecticut State Police, CREC cannot confirm the timeline for delivery of the results. It may take up to several months.

I am a student and must complete student teaching requirements within a district. What is the process for fingerprinting?

If your college/university has assigned you with placement in a district, you will need to get a Connecticut History Record Information (CHRI) form from the college/university and take it to the school district where you will student teach for them to complete prior to your fingerprinting appointment. If you have not yet received a placement for student teaching, you must contact your educational facility as you cannot be fingerprinted until such time as you are assigned a school district. This will allow you to take the CHRI form to the school district for completion and bring it with you to your fingerprinting appointment.

Can CREC share any Criminal History Record Information with others, with or without my authorization?

Under the State of Connecticut FBI CJIS Security Policy, any and all CHRI (Criminal History Record Information) cannot be re-used for subsequent unrelated needs by the original requestor/recipient, and cannot be disseminated to another recipient for subsequent unrelated re-use, future anticipated uses, regardless of whether or not the needs are formally related and outside of a state's jurisdiction.

This information is subject to change without notice.
(Revised: January 2020)

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