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School System Therapies: OT/PT/SLP Services

About School System Therapies: OT/PT/SLP Services

School system occupational and physical therapy services are available on a contractual basis. Schools within the CREC region can contract for therapy services on a short-term or long-term basis. CREC provides educationally relevant evaluations, intervention, consultation, supervision, and training as needed. Therapy practitioners maintain competency in school system servicing. In addition to services, CREC hosts a monthly roundtable discussion to promote best practice in school system therapies.

Evaluation Service

  • Customized evaluations, site-based assessments, and/or independent evaluations based on referral questions
  • Educational, occupational or physical therapy evaluations
  • A comprehensive written report and feedback sessions are available
  • Customized evaluations based on referral questions

Intervention Service

Applying best practice, therapy practitioners use a variety of interventions to address the strengths and needs of the student. Emphasis is placed on increasing student's participation within his or her educational program. Services may be provided directly to the student in natural contexts as appropriate or on behalf of the student. Those services provided on student's behalf may include training educational staff, collaborating with teachers on modifications and strategies to support student learning in the classroom, or co-teaching classes.

Consultations & Workshops

CREC offers consultations, resources, trainings, and workshops for children, parents, educators, therapists, schools, and community agencies. Occupational and physical therapy practitioners offer B-3, clinical, & school system expertise. Topics include autism, sensory strategies, transition services, handwriting, lifting/back care, feeding and swallowing, meeting needs of complex students, & more.CREC offers specialized consultations, resources, trainings, and workshops for children, parents, educators, therapists, and communities.

School System Therapy Roundtable

The School System Therapy Roundtable is an opportunity for CREC region therapists to meet monthly and engage in focused discussions. Topics vary throughout the year. The general focus of discussions centers on school system services. Participants share their expertise on topics, engage in discussions, examine evidence-based articles, and consider therapeutic strategies and interventions to make a difference in student programming.

Why Choose Us?

CREC maintains a commitment to quality care, cost-effective programming, and the following:

School-System Practice
CREC employs therapy practitioners that maintain competency in school system services as evidenced by:

  • Knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations, IDEA requirements, and educational environments
  • Select, administer, and interpret appropriate measures to inform team of those factors that may facilitate or limit a student's learning and participation
  • The range of service delivery options including collaborative consultation with educational team, in-classroom programming, small group intervention, and when required pull-out service
  • Skill in training, collaborating, and consulting with educational staff to broaden scope of impact beyond mandated service time
  • Specific expertise in universal design for learning, assistive technology, adaptive equipment, curriculum modifications, sensory processing, and development

Knowledge & Expertise
CREC promotes opportunities for professional development and the formation of a professional learning community to ensure:

  • High professional standards that foster reliable, consistent, effective, ethical and safe practices
  • Awareness of current educational trends, state statutes, and documentation requirements
  • Shared knowledge, data based decision making, collective problem solving, and best practice

Supervision & Credentials
CREC ensures that every therapy practitioner receives direct supervision, as well as complies with laws, rules, and regulations associated with practice including:

  • Direct supervision using a model of administrative, educational, and supportive functions to enable practitioners to provide the best possible service
  • Annual performance appraisal and supervision for all employees that align with professional standards of practice
  • Compliance with documentation requirements including physician referral for physical therapy services in the educational setting
  • Assurance of current state license and professional registration
  • Provision of continuing education and training to maintain licensure

Therapy practitioners have at their disposal a wealth of resources resulting in a cost savings to districts. Resources include:

  • Continuing education and professional development subsidized by CREC
  • Access to CREC legal advisors should the need arise
  • A large cadre of professionals with expertise in behavior intervention, augmentative communication/assistive technology, adaptive equipment/wheelchairs, hearing impairments, sensory integration, therapeutic listening, visual impairments, medically fragile population, autism, feeding and swallowing, and applied behavior analysis

Additional Benefits
CREC underwrites hidden costs including:

  • Sick days and medical leave for therapists
  • Liability insurance and worker's compensation
  • A comprehensive employee benefit package for practitioners working a minimum of 20 hours
  • Provision of evaluation tools, documentation forms, therapeutic equipment, educational/in-service materials
  • Alternate coverage available in the event of a practitioner's leave of absence in an effort to minimize any disruption of service
  • Advertise, screen, and interview high caliber candidates
  • Perform reference checks, verify credentials, and conduct background checks

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