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What to bring for your Fingerprinting appointment

Two forms of identification - one being a current Connecticut driver's license. The other can be a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, College ID or Passport.

What is the cost for Fingerprinting?

If you are a CREC Contracted Employee the cost is $30. All other applicants will be charged $60.

Acceptable forms of payment

  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Bank Cashier's Check payable to "CREC"
  • Money Order payable to "CREC"


PLEASE NOTE: The person whose name is on the Credit Card must be present to sign unless you are on the account as an authorized user.

If you choose to use a Credit Card, there will be an additional $1.20 service charge for the $30 payment; and a $2.50 charge for the $60 payment.

Schedule a fingerprinting appointment here.

For all other concerns or questions regarding the fingerprinting process, please call (860) 524-4003 or e-mail

Fingerprinting appointments are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. On occasion during busy periods, we will extend our days and hours to accommodate the need for extra appointments. Emergency closings and cancellations will be announced on our voicemail at (860) 524-4003.

Our Fingerprinting Location: CREC Central Office, 111 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, CT, 06106 (Google Maps) (Text Directions)

Click here for a detailed list of RESCs with School Districts within their jurisdiction.

Fingerprinting Guidelines

The safety and welfare of students is of primary importance. CREC requires that all employees, and some categories of volunteers, college students and interns be fingerprinted and pass a criminal background check before having any contact with children in CREC’s schools or programs.

For the safety and security of our students, a complete background check must be completed by CREC Fingerprinting on all Level Two Volunteers prior to beginning the volunteer assignment. This includes everyone involved in, but not limited to, student teaching, interning, coaching or team activities, school committees, before and after school programs, athletic camps, mentors, chaperones, classroom and office helpers, and other school based programs.
All volunteers will complete a Volunteer Application and Criminal History Check Form. The level of background checks depends on your volunteer level:

Level One Volunteer - Supervised Volunteer

An individual who voluntarily performs services for CREC for a single event, a consecutive series of days, or several nonconsecutive days for a period of one (1) week or less. Supervised volunteers do not have unsupervised access to CREC students and are not required to submit to a background check.

Guest speakers or presenters, invited by authorized school personnel and with the approval of the building supervisor, shall not have unsupervised access to CREC students and are not subject to this policy.

Level Two Volunteer - Unsupervised Volunteer

Though always under the direction of a CREC supervisor, Unsupervised Volunteers may have some unsupervised access to students while providing assistance with tutoring, athletic, classroom, or overnight trip activities.

Level Two Volunteers must submit to both the national background check and fingerprinting (This includes volunteer mentors, coaches and college interns)

Note: Reports from background checks are usable within CREC on a need to know basis only, as per federal law. If the report has arrests or convictions that may disqualify a prospective student teacher, intern or volunteer, it will be discussed with the individual by a CREC administrator only and not shared with anyone else. When cleared, the student teacher, intern or volunteer is approved for any CREC school or program. Approval is continuous from year to year as long as there is not a break longer than three months (including summer breaks) in volunteering.
Information obtained in the process will be kept in strict confidentiality. A criminal record does not necessarily mean that a volunteer will be prevented from serving in the schools.

An individual whose criminal background check record reflects an offense that has a connection to the type of volunteer work applied for, as determined by the district administrator or their designee, will be refused as a volunteer for both supervised and unsupervised activities. If there is a question as to whether or not an offense has a connection to a volunteer activity, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to be fingerprinted?

In accordance with current statute, any person who is employed by a local board of education (teachers, administrators, special service staff members, teachers aides, custodians, cafeteria employees, etc.) must submit to a state and national criminal history record check within the first 30 days of the date of employment. The only exception is that teachers of adult education, who are not required to hold certification for their positions (non-mandated, general interest programs only), are not required to submit to the criminal history record check unless directed by the employing district.

How do I request a criminal history record check?

A person may obtain fingerprint packets (including fingerprint cards) and have their fingerprints taken at a local board of education, a Regional Educational Service Center (RESC) such as CREC, or the State Police Bureau of Identification.

If I am fingerprinted at a RESC, can my results be shared with other districts?

Yes. Individuals fingerprinted at a RESC may have their fingerprint results shared with local or regional boards of education. The individual must provide a written request to the RESC indicating where the results should be sent.

If I am fingerprinted by a local school district, police department or by the State Police Bureau of Identification, can my results be shared with other districts?


A criminal history record check (fingerprinting) was done last year for school district X. I served in that district for the entire year. Do I need to be fingerprinted again if I am applying to work in another district?

Yes, within the first 30 days of your date of employment.

I served as a substitute teacher in district X for two weeks last year. Do I need to have a criminal history record check (fingerprinting) done again, if I am employed by the same district for the coming school year?

No, continuous employment for substitute teachers is equal to one day of service each school year.

I was fingerprinted by a RESC last year, but was never employed by a board of education. Now that I have been hired, do I need to submit to a new criminal history record check (fingerprinting)?

Yes, within the first 30 days of your employment date.

Are school volunteers required to have a criminal history record check (fingerprinting)?

No. The statute does not require that volunteers submit to the criminal history record check. However, school districts are entitled to establish additional policies concerning criminal history record checks.

Are employees of private or independent schools required to submit to criminal history record checks?

No. The statute does not require criminal history record checks for private or independent schools. However, these schools are permitted by law to require criminal history record checks (fingerprinting).

This information is subject to change without notice.
(Revised: March 2012)

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