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Individualized Education Programs


Nicole Natale
Education Specialist
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About Individualized Education Programs

CREC provides workshops and technical assistance in methods for identifying and planning for the implementation of student individualized education programs. Many professional development opportunities focus understanding on how to create accommodations, modifications, and specialized instruction in the general education setting.

Parent Training on Working with the IEP Team

This training provides parents and parent groups with information on IEP requirements, processes, collaboration techniques, and positive strategies for negotiating conflict. A variety of opportunities can be provided in conjunction with district personnel including seminars, strategies for building communication, and facilitated collaboration sessions.

Specialized Instruction/Child Specific Consultation

Comprehensive evaluation and on-site observation with technical assistance is available to districts to support teachers and administrators in selecting the most appropriate instructional and behavior management strategies for individual students. Through education benefit analysis, CREC's team of education specialists work with teachers and teams to ensure comprehensive IEP development, implementation, and data collection is provided. Specialists provide a full range of services for futures planning, transition programming, communication, assistive technology, and assessment.


Lumen SPEDEX™ offers an electronic Individualized Education Plan (IEP) management system, customized for State of CT users. This easy-to use system produces an IEP document that mirrors the State form, aligning with all required statutes and regulations. CREC is proud to partner with newly merged Lumen SPEDEX and Compuclaim systems that unite an IEP management system with the ease of Medicaid billing. This strategic alliance brings Lumen's state-of-the-art technologies through an IEP management system to anyone looking for an upgrade to a new, simplified approach of streamlining the operations of schools and school districts.

This all-in-one information system provides:

  • A customizable goal bank, for the creation of SMART goals
  • A built in notification system that monitors for errors, timelines and alerts end users
  • A state of the art data tracking process for progress monitoring and progress reporting with graphs and visuals
  • A system to manage evaluations and assessments with ease
  • A secure multi-user system with the ability to customize for a parental participation portal if needed
  • Unlimited character space for creating documents and subtext
  • A technological friendly system that can be accessed from any device including tablets and smart phones

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