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Mar 2

CREC Releases PBandMath

CREC’s Studio 111 has released its first product, an online application called PBandMath. Studio 111 (www. crec. org/dart/studio111), CREC’s application development wing, has released its first product, a web-based app called PBandMath that generates Common Core-aligned math problems for elementary school teachers. This really cool app will help reduce the amount of time teachers in grades 1 through 5 spend writing practice problems for their students. Using PBandMath, teachers can build a ban...

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Mar 2

CREC Online Learning Portal

Online learning technology is constantly changing and CREC is most definitely keeping up with the times!...

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Feb 1

Beyond Education - CREC Connects Students to Life Changing Opportunities

CREC's Community Education division recognizes one of its students, Freily Medina, for her hard work, dedication, and leadership in and out of the CREC Family Literacy program. Medina arrived in the United States four years ago, apprehensive about her new environment and struggling to understand an unfamiliar language and culture. "I specifically chose to attend CREC after hearing several recommendations about the outstanding services, teachers, and staff they have available to provide students w...

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Jan 31

Speech-Language Pathology - More Than Just Words

A national shortage of speech and language pathologists has hit crisis proportions and Connecticut is no exception. The Connecticut State Department of Education’s statistics indicate that there has been a shortage of speech and language pathologists as far back as 1998. A significant impact on why students with special needs are not able to receive speech and language services as part of their Individualized Education Plan is a result of districts not having enough qualified staff. Janet Scia...

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Dec 22

Put School Safety First

School security has always been important, but the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown thrust the issue into the spotlight, prompting school districts throughout the country to reexamine their policies and procedures. Educators and law enforcement and government officials have been working together to make sure the safest learning environments are provided for all children, but we can’t be complacent. School districts need to remain vigilant and continue to scrutinize practices,...

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Dec 20

Working to Close the Achievement Gap

Over the past 20 years, demographics in U. S. public schools have changed. Currently, about 51 percent of children attending public schools are African American, Latino, and Asian or Pacific Islander. Forty-nine percent are Caucasian. Despite these numbers, achievement and opportunity gaps persist between Caucasian students and students of color and affluent and poor children. These gaps remain despite the No Child Left Behind Act requiring that demographic group achievement scores be compared a...

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Dec 15

CREC Foundation and Partners Help to Keep Area Children Warm

To ensure that area children stay warm this winter, the CREC Foundation has teamed up with the Hartford Police Department and Go Hartford! Mayor Mike’s Foundation for Kids to provide children in need with hats and gloves. Pooling together their resources, the nonprofit organizations and the police department were able to purchase 300 new hats and 300 new pairs of gloves. CREC school principals, Hartford Region Open Choice Program staff, and city police officers will give the items to those who...

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