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Online Learning


Kathy Randall
Grants Program Coordinator
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About Online Learning

CREC provides a variety of online learning programs that expand learning opportunities. General education, advanced placement and honors courses, credit recovery or credit completion options, and college online programs are available at discounted rates.

CREC Online Learning Portal (Visit Here)

The CREC Online Learning Portal offers a wide range of teacher-led and teacher-facilitated courses, at discounted rates, delivered over the Internet. The benefit of utilizing an Online Learning Portal is the easy access to multiple online learning providers on one portal. Schools, parents, home-schooled students can access options from credit recovery to students wanting courses not available in their regular schools to expanding their high school transcripts to include unique courses to expand their horizons. The CREC Online Learning Portal will help to make online learning seamless. Additionally, some school districts are encouraging students to complete at least one online course during their high school years. This is great preparation as they pursue higher education, as many colleges and universities are offering more electronic courses to accommodate student’s schedules.

Virtual High School

Virtual High School provides middle and high school students with course offerings that may not be available in local schools. Cohort-based, semester-long courses ease scheduling conflicts by enabling students to take courses any time. Students employ 21st century communications technology to collaborate with and learn from classmates around the world.

Virtual Learning Academy

Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is an online alternative for achieving graduation requirements and credit recovery. VLA offers 90 self-paced courses to students in grades 2-12. The annual student license allows students to take multiple courses. VLA is an excellent option for homebound and special education students, as well as students in alternative programs.

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