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Audit and Program Assessment


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About Audit and Program Assessment

CREC's program review experts analyze and assess specialized program efficiency and effectiveness. Program reviews for special education alternative education and assistive technology provide useful recommendations that address challenges including: curriculum and academic rigor, educational benefit, effective processes, organizational structure, professional development, and resource allocation.

When conducting a program review, CREC follows the program evaluation standards that have been researched and developed by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluations (JCSEE). These program evaluation standards serve as the guidelines for all CREC review activities.

The CREC Audit Team utilizes a three step process that responds to the evaluation questions set out by district leadership:

Phase 1: Determination of Protocols and Standards and Data Collection.
Phase 2: Data Analysis using Standards.
Phase 3: Written Report and Presentation of Report.

CREC works closely with district leadership in each phase of the audit to ensure accuracy of information, to minimize that impact of the audit on staff and students, and to optimize the chance that our recommendations will be understood and carried out.

Conducting Educational Program Reviews Certification

Participants will learn techniques for conducting program reviews, including the use of protocols for gathering data. Examples of forms used to report results and a detailed online resource manual will be provided. Key assessment areas include: adult education, business and financial services, curriculum instruction and assessment, early childhood, English Language Learners, grants and development, health services, human resources, operations, school reorganization, transportation, special education, long range school planning, and technology.

Target Audience

Educators with experience in conducting program reviews.

Certification Requirements

  • Three days of certification training and successful completion of all assignments
  • Evidence of a successful program review
  • Recertification required every two years

Benefits of Certification

Participants will develop a program review design, select evaluation questions and data sources, obtain data by using protocols, and write up and present their findings to the class.


  • PowerPoint, handouts, guidelines, online resources, and presentation tips
  • The Evaluators Guide to Conducting Educational Program Reviews will be provided to all participants. This 300 page, electronic reference guide provides protocols for data collection and tips for conducting a program review.
  • Membership to the Evaluator Consortium includes updates to materials, current resources, and online assistance.

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