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Soundbridge Academy

About Soundbridge Academy

The CREC Soundbridge Academy is for students with hearing loss who need intensive support in order to improve their spoken language abilities and their academic achievement as a bridge toward post-secondary college and careers.

Eligible students

  • Have hearing loss of any degree;
  • Have spoken language abilities delayed relative to age-like peers;
  • Are more than one year behind grade-level peers academically in language-based subjects; and/or
  • Have a need for connections with peers who heave hearing loss.

Unique Educational Program for Students with Hearing Loss

  • Taught by certified teachers of the hearing impaired who specialize in developing auditory and spoken language abilities
  • Intensive small group and individual instruction to build skills and knowledge in English language, reading, writing, math, and social studies with language objectives and enrichment woven throughout
  • Audiological support for all classroom audiological equipment, with backup equipment and nearby technical expertise during all school hours
  • Opportunities for inclusion in general education classes, with note taking or C-print, pre and post teaching, and close communication and monitoring by Soundbridge teachers
  • Regular, ongoing communication between Soundbridge teachers and general education teachers so that students' courses are appropriately modified, with supports provided
  • Aural habilitation (individualized instruction to improve auditory, spoken language, and speech abilities)

Social and Emotional Support

  • Peers with similar concerns and experiences as adolescents who have hearing loss
  • Small group counseling sessions to address issues related to having a hearing loss, as well as related to the challenges of adolescence
  • Discussion and role modeling of social skills needed for life
  • As needed, weekly individual sessions with counselor knowledgeable about the impact of hearing loss

After School Activities

  • Opportunities to participate in all sports and club activities
  • Homework Club for Soundbridge students three days per week for individual or small group assistance, including review of notes, customized on-line academic review, and guidance for organization, completion, and time management of assignments, promotion of responsibility, independent study skills, and meeting with general education teachers

College and Career Readiness

  • A focus on self-advocacy abilities as preparation for life as an individual who has hearing loss
  • Career and learning style inventories administered to students in order to discover and/or confirm their strengths and career interests
  • Exploration of a wide variety of career possibilities through reading, projects, job shadowing, and internships
  • Instruction in creating resumes and cover letters, completing applications, interviewing, writing thank you notes, and compilation of a personal portfolio
  • Job placements selected based on a students' interests in collaboration with students' home school district; real life experiences with potential employers

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