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Speech and Language Services

About Speech and Language Services

Evaluations including The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)

A Semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction, and play for individuals suspected of having autism or other pervasive developmental disorders.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluations, Consultations, and Integrations

CREC’s Speech/Language Pathologists, who specialize in augmentative alternative communication, will conduct trials of various strategies in the individual’s typical environment to determine the best AAC tools and strategies to facilitate increasing the individual’s communication skills. Training and job-embedded consultation to build capacity among district team members in AAC.

Communication is always happening. This means there are always opportunities for modeling AAC, interacting and building language. CREC’s Speech/Language Pathologist, who specialize in AAC, can assist the team in learning about and using strategies throughout the student’s day to facilitate the development of communication.

Speech-Language Consultation

Our Speech and Language Pathologists can provide consultation to a student's educational team on building capacity for programming to support an identified communication disorder that impacts social, emotional or academic progress.

Integrating Speech-Language Services into Daily Activities

Students who received a comprehensive classroom teacher and SLP collaborative intervention program achieved higher scores in listening and writing, and higher abilities in understanding vocabulary when compared with control peers (Farber & Klein, 1999). Our CREC SLP Team can provide coaching and technical assistance to teams that would like to develop an effective collaborative model.

Ecological Evaluations

Sometimes, students eligible for special education perform or behave well in some environments but have difficulty in others. An ecological assessment performed by the CREC SLP Team will provide educational teams with data pertaining student performance and function in different settings or environments.

Social Communication

The members of our SLP team have extensive experience working with and supporting students with social communication disorders from PK-age 21.

Comprehensive Evaluations/Re-Evaluations

This evaluation includes standardized and informal tests as well as play-based assessments addressing the student’s language comprehension, verbal expression, and nonverbal communication skills.

Executive-functioning skills

A SLPs intervention for executive functioning skills focuses primarily around the language aspects of the deficits. Higher level executive functioning skills involve meta-cognition – the process of “thinking about thinking”. These skills are language based, as they involve self-talk and language processing in order to monitor, plan, and execute actions.

Supporting Written Language

SLPs play a critical and direct role in the development of literacy for children and adolescents with communication disorders due to their expertise in language that applies to oral and written modalities. This expertise not only allows for addressing speaking and listening but also reading and writing deficits. SLPs contribute to the literacy efforts of a school district or community.


SLPs provide direct therapy for students exhibiting dysfluencies/stuttering which impacts effective communication and participation during classroom activities, group tasks, as well as overall social interaction. Consultation is also provided to assist staff in extending implementation of research-based strategies and techniques that has proven beneficial for individual students who stutter.

Phonological Processing and Phonemic Awareness

All three components of phonological processing are important for speech production as well as the development of spoken and written language skills.

Staffing Services and Program Reviews

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Certificate

CREC and Charter Oak State College have collaborated to offer this online program of study for aspiring and/or practicing Speech and Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs). Participants master skills required to address language, communication, social/emotional, and creative needs of school children. Upon completion of seven three-credit courses, participants receive a certificate from Charter Oak State College and may apply these credits toward other programs, including associate's or bachelor's degrees.

Retaining and Recruiting Special Education Teachers and Speech and Language Pathologists

CREC will develop and support “best practice” cohorts for districts that want to maintain crisis shortage personnel. Services include career ladders for district development, talent development, and customized support for underperforming staff.

Direct services

Direct services can be provided to a district if their employed SLP is out on leave or there is a vacancy that has not been filled.


Within schools, co-teaching offers flexible approaches for SLPs to collaborate with team members, particularly general and special education teachers. Our team can support the challenge of providing inclusive-based services to meet the diverse needs of various learning profiles while providing educationally relevant services.

Speech and Language Program Reviews and Independent Education Evaluations

CREC's program review experts analyze and assess specialized program efficiency and effectiveness. We provide evidence-based recommendations that address challenges including curriculum and academic rigor, educational benefit, effective processes, organizational structure, professional development, and resource allocation.

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