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CREC Resource Group; Soundbridge division provides educational audiology support services and technical support for students who have hearing loss and auditory processing deficits in three distinct ways:

  1. Prescription of Remote Microphone Hearing Assistive Technology (RM HAT)
  2. Evaluations to assess the students hearing challenges
  3. Educational Consultations for accommodations

Service Components

Workshop to Student’s Team

Soundbridge will provide information regarding:

  • Educational impact of the hearing loss and/or auditory processing deficits on the student's Optimal use of the RMHAT system.
  • Teaching strategies and hints for effective communication with students who have listening challenges.
  • Provide information on cochlear implant and hearing aid technology.
  • Model successful accommodation techniques.
  • Demonstrate the optimal use of Remote Microphone Hearing Assistive Technology (RM HAT) FM systems in conjunction with cochlear implants and hearing aids.

Consultation and Assistance

Soundbridge will provide consultation and assistance to district personnel meeting the educational needs of the student, including:

  • Full-service center diagnostic capability for speech processor breakdowns and provision of replacement parts.
  • Recommendations for appropriate RM HAT to be used in school.
  • Prompt on-call repair support of RM HAT and provision of short-term rental equipment when breakdowns occur.
  • Educational audiological evaluation of students, including auditory and perceptual assessments, for data-driven IEP development.


Soundbridge will provide Social and Emotional (SEL) support to the student specific to hearing loss

Educational Audiology Assessments

A written report will be provided, containing:

Auditory Processing Assessment

  • Peripheral hearing assessment to confirm normal hearing sensitivity.
  • Assessment of auditory processing skills:.
  • Dichotic processing.
  • Temporal processing.
  • Binaural interaction.
  • Auditory closure.
  • Recommendations for auditory training, classroom management, teaching strategies and re-evaluation.

Educational Audiological Evaluation

  • Peripheral hearing assessment to determine hearing sensitivity and monitor changes.
  • Assessment of speech in noise ability.
  • Functional listening assessment to simulate RMHAT benefit.
  • Recommendations for auditory training, classroom management, teaching strategies and re-evaluation.

Classroom Acoustic Evaluation

  • Assessment of acoustic properties of building materials.
  • Acoustic assessment of classroom with sound level meter - sound intensity and reverberation.
  • Recommendations for improving classroom acoustics and optimal placement of students with listening challenges.

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