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The traditional method of teaching, which includes textbooks and lectures, has become outdated and inefficient. Digital technology is changing the way students learn and is allowing teachers to try new methods. CREC offers a variety of services that can move your classroom into the 21 century and keep you informed on the everchanging world of edtech.

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Curriculum Unit Revision Infusing Technology

The CREC Resource Group uses the Curriculum Unit Revision Infusing. Technology (CURIT) model. The CURIT model provides a process revising existing curricula to incorporate technology while aligning to standards and allowing for differentiation. The process is focused on producing classroom-ready units and lessons.

Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Digital citizenship is an important concept to teach and instill in your students, as they are already living much of their lives on the Internet and interacting with people from around the world. A key aspect of digital citizenship is "digital literacy."

Managing Digital Learning Environments

Learn how to leverage free and low-cost, web-based tools to support your district's curriculum, instruction, and operations. CREC will guide you through planning and policy considerations to improve implementation.

Online and Blended Course Design for Flipping the Classroom

CREC Resource Group's team of expert online curriculum developers can help your school or organization build courses for online or blended delivery. CREC Resource Group can support courses for professional development and training or the delivery of K-12 instruction.

Safety and Security

In an effort to assist districts with the challenges of school security, CREC is offering security training and services. CREC's Security Office can assist school districts with the challenging task of school security, including a comprehensive review of schools' current security structure and the development of emergency plans.

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