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CREC Resource Group offers customized support for programs, schools, and districts with the CREC region and across the state. Our Equity Education Specialists work directly with your leaders to design programming to meet your organization's needs. The team of experts provides research-based strategies and support in various topic areas and through different levels of support, such as Equity Program Reviews, Curriculum Reviews, Professional Learning Series, and Collaborative Sessions for Equity Team Leaders.

Additional requests for training, workshops, and professional learning are welcome. We are eager to collaborate with you to design a training session/series that aligns with your organization and meets the needs of your staff.

Services Offered By CRECWe Offer

Collaborative Learning Sessions for Equity Facilitators

Education Specialists guide the development of School-Based Equity Teams and support equity facilitators through common equity detours in their practice.

DEI Professional Learning Series

Work with Education Specialists to co-design a pathway for learning for your stakeholder groups. Continuous Learning Series focuses on various topics, from foundations of DEI to current topics in the field.

Equity Program & Curriculum Reviews

Equity Program Reviews and Curriculum Reviews provide a research-based, comprehensive evaluation of current practices, perspectives, and materials within your organization as well as recommendations for addressing in-equities.

Programs Offered By CRECWe Offer

Connecticut Teacher Residency Program

The CT Teacher Residency Program is focused on diversifying the teaching staff across the state of Connecticut. We partner with school districts in a "grow-your-own" model leading to CT State Certification. Our Residents and graduates give students windows and mirrors into their lived experiences and possibilities for their future.

Increasing Educator Diversity

Increasing Educator Diversity is a collaboration between the CREC Resource Group and Connecticut school districts, who know it is integral to increase the numbers of African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and Asian American teachers and administrators in the state's public schools. Expert Solutions services include, but are not limited to, assisting schools in attracting, recruiting, hiring, and retain a diverse teaching and administrative personnel that more closely represents the student population's diversity.

Divisions at CREC

Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion office provides strategic leadership to DEI initiatives and prioritizes DEI goals CREC-wide and to all external stakeholders. We strive for transparency and create a culture where DEI is threaded into our day to day practices and interactions with staff, students, and community members. Leveraging our Equity Steering Committee, Employee Network Groups, and Equity Team Leaders, we put into action our commitments.

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