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Today’s current economic climate and policy contexts requires early childhood educators to have a depth of understanding of child development and developmentally appropriate instructional practices that create meaningful educational experiences for all children and families they are privileged to work with. Today’s early childhood environments are diverse and laser focus is given to accountability for early childhood educational outcomes. Research illustrates a direct connection between the knowledge, skills and practices of early childhood educators and how well-prepared children are to enter school.

As a result, CREC can address organizations’ needs through needs assessments, blended professional development, coaching, curriculum gap analysis and writing, and direct student support in the areas of instruction, environment, assessment, intervention, and comprehensive evaluation.

CREC’s Multidisciplinary Early Childhood Education Team provides technical assistance, training, coaching, and additional services in the following:


  • Understanding and Effective Use of the Early Learning Development Standards (ELDS)
  • Conducting Gap Analysis and Curriculum Alignment
  • Implementing Universal Design for Learning in the ECE setting

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

  • Utilizing the Cycle of Intentional Teaching in planning and instruction
  • Supporting Diverse Learners in the ECE setting
  • Facilitating Family Engagement


  • Data Collection and Progress Monitoring
  • Establishing Data Teams in the ECE setting
  • Effective Implementation of CT Documentation and Observation for Teaching System (DOTS)


  • Establishing Integrated, Inclusive ECE Classrooms
  • Writing Early Learning Developmental Standards Based IEPs
  • Paraprofessional training

Early Childhood Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

  • Conducting Program MTSS needs assessment
  • Evidence Based Interventions
  • Progress monitoring systems

Comprehensive Evaluations

  • Training and technical assistance to support Transdisciplinary, Play-based Evaluations
  • Comprehensive, Transdisciplinary Play Based Evaluations, including ADOS-2
  • Independent Education Evaluations

National Association of Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)


We support districts and programs in effectively transitioning young children and their families from Birth to Three (B-3) systems to preschool programs, and from preschool to Kindergarten.

Program Reviews

We conduct Individual Student Program Reviews to examine the quality and effectiveness of the program to determine educational benefit

We also conduct district-wide early childhood education program reviews to examine, analyze and assess program efficiency and effectiveness.

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