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CREC offers dynamic professional development and instructional coaching in the area of English Language Development, Bilingual Education, Dual Language, Multicultural Education, and English Learner Advocacy.  CREC’s EL Education Specialist will work with districts and individuals in all areas below. 

Curriculum Review and Development 

CREC’s Expert Solutions staff provides teachers with engagement in the review of current curriculum and instructional practices and the creation of a curriculum that addresses each student's needs.

Additionally curriculum review and revision will include: 

  • CELP Standards 
  • Review of English proficiency levels 


CREC’s Education Specialist will provide districts and organizations training and review of: 

  • SRBI process for ELs 
  • How to assist Dually-Identified English Learners 
  • Accountability of all stakeholders 
  • Data-driven decisions to support EL’s learning 

Instruction and Teacher Evaluation 

CREC’s Education Specialist and Expert Solutions Staff will assist teachers, staff, and school leaders review instructional practices through the lens of an English Learner. Professional development can include: 

  • Differentiated instruction and strategies in various content areas 
  • Tutor and paraprofessional training 
  • Programming review and recommendations 
  • Engagement of linguistically diverse families 
  • Assisting Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE) 
  • Newcomers in the general education classroom 
  • Instructional Coaching 

Professional Development for Leaders 

School leaders will engage in: 

  • Strategies to deepen their understanding of English Language Learners 
  • Review of principles, practices, and programs in their school or district 

Program Review and Evaluation 

CREC provides a comprehensive audit of English Learning programs within and across schools, districts, and educational organizations. The audit may include evaluation of practices, curriculum, instruction, climate and culture, policies, and procedures. The CREC education specialist works with the school, district, or organization personnel to co-create a tailored comprehensive plan based on data collected from employees, parents, and students. 

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