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As part of the Energize Connecticut initiative, eesmarts is an energy efficiency and clean energy educational program designed to facilitate students' understanding of the science, math, and technology related to energy efficiency, clean energy sources, and electricity. All eesmarts workshops and lessons are fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for Math and English/Language Arts. Workshops and lessons, available free of charge to Connecticut K-12 formal and informal educators, are interactive and cross disciplinary, featuring hands-on activities.

All eesmarts lessons are fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core Standards for Math and English/Language Arts. eesmarts workshops are interactive and cross disciplinary, providing educators with hands-on activity-based learning opportunities.

Professional Development

Teachers receive training, curriculum, and materials to implement energy lessons with their students. The eesmarts Summer Institute offers Connecticut educators intensive one, two or three-day workshops on various energy-related topics.

Classroom Lessons

Teachers can request specific lessons for their students. Working with your school's scheduling requirements, CREC presenters will execute an eesmarts lesson and provide materials needed to conduct the hands-on activity. Program Outreach - CREC presenters will plan an activity to meet the needs of your audience and provide a fun, educational activity for your special event - a family science night, school environmental fair, or inter-district grant program.

Student Contest

K-12 students are invited to enhance their science, writing, and technology skills with the annual eesmarts student contest. Students respond to grade level-specific prompts - a poster, a poem, an essay, a speech, and a report - on how they can save energy. High school level contest winners may receive funding to implement their energy-savings ideas in their community.

eesmarts Summer Institute

Held annually in July and August, the eesmarts Summer Institute features intensive one-day or three-day workshops for educators on various energy, weather, and recycling topics.

Benefits of attending an eesmarts workshop include:

  • Receive free curriculum and materials for your classroom. All eesmarts lessons fully align with NGSS, Common Core Standards for Math and English/Language Arts, and STEM
  • Receive lesson implementation and differentiated teaching strategies.
  • Conduct hands-on activities accompanying the curriculum.
  • Gain knowledge, confidence, and skills for teaching your students about energy, energy conservation, renewable energy sources, and efficient technologies.
  • Professional development is provided by CREC.

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