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The CREC Trude Mero Family Resource Center creates a welcoming community and a one-stop service center for families and students who attend CREC's regional magnet schools or suburban schools through the Hartford Region Open Choice Program. By offering a meeting space for parents and educators and information sessions and forums on school and child development issues at a location that is close to families' homes, the center provides opportunities for families to participate more fully in their child's education.

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Family Resource Center


Our Location

Wilson-Gray YMCA
444 Albany Avenue
Hartford, CT 06120


  • To provide families and students additional support services that will increase their success in CREC Magnet Schools and in the Open Choice program
  • To collaborate with community-based organizations to enhance services to parents
  • To provide intervention and prevention services for CREC families who are at risk
  • To coordinate delivery of CREC's family services in partnership with other CREC programs and divisions
  • To provide a location for student and parent workshops, parent meetings, Planning and Placement team meetings, etc., within the Hartford community
  • To refer families and students to healthy recreational opportunities
  • To provide a year-round site for marketing and obtaining applications to CREC Magnet Schools and to the Open Choice program
  • To match the needs of families with Hartford community agencies offering timely, and relevant services
  • To use the CREC Family Resource Center as a model for the development of additional community-based centers in Hartford and in nearby communities


The CREC Trude Mero Family Resource Center opened its doors in September 2013 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in honor of the center's namesake, the late Trude Mero. Gertrude "Trude" Johnson-Mero was a local hero and legend in Hartford. Trude is quoted as saying, "A child should be able to dream — to dream of an education, which brings a job and a home and then provided the tools to realize that dream."

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