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Most school districts in Connecticut and thousands more across the country use PowerSchool as their student information system. While the system provides powerful data capture, processing, and analysis tools, it can be daunting to manage and customize to take advantage of its full capabilities.
To assist districts in their use of PowerSchool, CREC has assembled a team of seasoned programming and support experts — including former teachers — who offer a wide variety of skills and experience. Whether you have urgent, short-term needs or longer-term support requirements, we can help.

Planning and Implementation

Converting from another student information system remains challenging under the best of circumstances, and taking your best data specialists offline to learn a new system can negatively impact school operations. For these reasons we offer planning and implementation services to help you make the most of your staff’s expertise, while leaving the details to us. We have developed deep expertise in taking district’s functional requirements — from scheduling to enrollment and reporting — and converting them into a fully functional instance of PowerSchool. Because we manage more than 20 magnet and specialty schools, we have encountered nearly every rule and exception imaginable, making us the perfect team to help you get PowerSchool up and running to serve your district’s needs.


While design and hosting remain priorities in using PowerSchool, your end users need a firm understanding of the software to take full advantage of its capabilities. We provide workshops in your district or in our recently renovated Coltsville Training Center to suit the specific needs of your audience. Teachers, counselors, principals, and front-office staff come away with the hands-on knowledge they need to start using PowerSchool. Whether with your own district’s data or using our dedicated training server, your team will have the hands-on experience through CREC’s training services to hit the ground running.

Custom Programming

The PowerSchool platform offers great flexibility in data reporting and analysis, but few districts have the resources to dedicate to learning a new programming language. For that reason, consider leveraging CREC’s team of PowerSchool programmers. Whether it comes to redesigning a data input form to comply with state and federal reporting requirements or developing a custom report card to align with local standards, we can develop the pages and reports that help you make sound decisions and communicate with families and the community.

Integration Services

Because PowerSchool stands as the hub of data within most school districts, they depend on it as a resource for other data systems. The same is true for CREC schools, which is why we developed a variety of custom integration solutions to connect PowerSchool data to other systems, such as transportation, food services, student assessment, and emergency notification software. These connectors save your team time by reducing data entry; help ensure accuracy by relying on a single, master record for each student; and keep your data current through real-time data feeds. Whether through the use of the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) standard or custom programming, we can keep your systems connected and current.


Given the variety of systems to support and limited staff to do so, many districts turn to CREC for assistance. We offer short-term, hourly contracts for occasional needs as well as on-site and after-hours services during emergencies. Some districts even choose to outsource PowerSchool support by relying on our 24/7 ticketing, phone, and e-mail services. Unlike other providers, when you call CREC, you get the same team of experts who know your district and can quickly bring resolution to the challenges you face.

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