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RESC Alliance Curriculum Council

The RESC Alliance is sponsoring a regional Curriculum Council meeting for all Directors of Curriculum, Assistant Superintendents, and Instructional Leaders with the opportunity to receive professional development, collaborate on curriculum and instructional issues related to teaching and learning, as well as share concerns, issues and resources. Participants will have the opportunity to liaison with CSDE on legislative and policy issues related to schools. No cost to attend this workshop.

Coaches Council

Instructional coaches in the CREC region are invited to attend council meetings to share best practices and engage in new thinking about coaching. Meeting topics will be determined based on participant interests.

Early Childhood Council

Early childhood educators from CREC districts meet to share the latest information about federal, state, and local early childhood initiatives. CREC staff are available to assist districts or communities in the creation of their own local early childhood councils as well.

English Language Learners Council (Title III)

Consortium members and district coordinators are invited to attend bi-monthly consortium meetings to share best practices, emerging research on improving outcomes for EL students, and to proactively respond to the instructional shifts demanded by the Connecticut Common Core State Standards (CCSS), assessments, and the Connecticut English Language Proficiency (CELP) Standards. Members will engage in new thinking about instructional practices and collaborate to proactively respond to EL needs in their district.

Equity Council

CREC's Equity Council provides educators in the CREC region quarterly opportunities to share policies, practices, and procedures to move toward an equitable system of education. The Council will review strategies that eliminate the predictability of outcomes for students who are racially, linguistically, economically diverse, who identify as LGBTQ, and who receive special education services. The group will review successful examples of districts from across the country that are identifying gaps in opportunities and intentionally dismantling the barriers that exist in their systems.

Humanities Council

CREC's Humanities Council provides Language Arts and Social Studies teachers in the CREC region monthly opportunities to share best practices and engage in new thinking about humanities instruction. Kindergarten to grade 12 educators including teachers, literacy and social studies coaches, literacy and humanities coordinators, directors and department heads are encouraged to attend the bi-monthly meetings. Input from participants regarding topic selections will be encouraged in order to best meet the needs of the council membership. No cost to attend this event.

Library Media Specialist Council

Library media specialists in CREC districts meet to share best practices and new thinking about digital literacy for the 21st century. Library media specialists in grades K - 12 are encouraged to attend. Topics and speaker lists are developed by the group.

Math Council

Math educators teaching grades K-12 in CREC districts meet to discuss topics of interest. Math educators are encouraged to attend these meetings. Topic lists are developed by the group.

Science Council

Science educators, coaches, and administrators are invited to attend quarterly, virtual council meetings to share best practices, engage in new thinking about science education, and continue to proactively respond to the demands of the Next Generation Science Standards. No cost to attend!

Social & Emotional Learning Council

This council will focus on current trends, research, and interventions related to Social and Emotional Learning. Participants will be able to network with staff from other districts, access resources, and learn the most current developments in the field. We will also engage in Mindfulness and yoga practices and will share expertise, valuable resources, and activities that can be used in any setting.

Regional Council Information Form

For more information on CREC Regional Councils, submit your information here. CREC will get back to you via email and offer timely updates on all Regional Council activities.

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