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The Consulting Teacher Service provides specialized educational support to school districts for students with hearing loss who are using spoken language to communicate and to learn.

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Direct Services

Direct one-on-one instruction by a teacher of the hearing impaired to:

  • Improve the student's auditory, language, speech, and self-advocacy abilities
  • Individualize services to meet the unique needs of the student

Consultation Services

Consultation by a teacher of the hearing impaired in person or via email, teleconference, or communication logs in order to:

  • Discuss strategies to address a student's unique listening, language, and learning needs
  • Discuss student progress and classroom strategies
  • Explain and review audiological equipment
  • Discuss and update individualized education program objectives, plan for planning and placement team (PPT) meetings, and provide support in completion of the language and communication Plan
  • Conduct and review classroom observations
  • Share curriculum materials and make language modifications to classroom materials

Direct and Consultation Services by a teacher of the hearing-impaired include:

  • Monitoring the functioning of students' personal DM and FM and/or classroom audiological equipment and troubleshooting as necessary
  • Assessment of auditory, language, speech, writing, and/or academic needs as determined at the PPT
  • Setting goals and objectives related to the unique needs of students with hearing loss addressing audition, language, speech, and self-advocacy
  • Workshops for school personnel regarding the impact of hearing loss on the student's learning, instructional strategies and hints for effective communication, and optimal use of DM and FM amplification equipment
  • Peer workshops upon request
  • Observations in the mainstream to assess student growth and to provide information on modifications and accommodations
  • Consultation and assistance to school staff in meeting students' educational needs, including reasonable accommodations for improving classroom acoustics
  • Transition support for students, families, and staff
  • Guidance on the use of trained adult notetakers, or real-time captioners, as appropriate
  • Attendance at annual PPT with a written report (additional PPT's and meetings by arrangement)

What Makes Soundbridge Services Unique

  • Highly qualified staff: certified teachers of the hearing-impaired with Master's degrees who have specialist training and expertise in developing auditory and spoken language abilities in students who have hearing loss. There are also Educational audiologists with Doctoral or Master's degrees.
  • Team approach: Each student is assigned an educational audiologist who teams with the teacher of the hearing-impaired student to make sure that the student has appropriate auditory access to the curriculum. The teacher of the hearing impaired and the audiologist communicate regularly to ensure student success.
  • Audiological support is an integral part of the service.
  • Access to technical expertise during school hours via phone or e-mail
  • Timely provision of back-up DM and FM components and accessories
  • Technical expertise available during school hours
  • Annual audiological assessment to monitor the student's auditory perceptual abilities and verify appropriateness of student's amplification devices
  • Provision of disposable batteries for use during school
  • Provision of custom earmolds for use with the DM and FM system, when needed
  • Direct audio input cords for DM and FM equipment connection
  • Cochlear implant mapping (available, by parent choice)
  • Partnership with district staff. Soundbridge staff work in partnership with district staff to provide the student with appropriate auditory access to the curriculum and with instructional support that is individualized to meet each student's needs.

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