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Supporting educators with quality professional learning experiences has never been easier or more flexible! Whether you are looking to support a single educator or your entire staff, CREC has the expert solution for you that will build your organization's capacity to deliver training to your staff.

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Numeracy Resources


Building Math Rigor Volume One

Problems to Promote Student Thinking

These math problems can be used in the classroom as a warm-up, a "Do Now" activity, a supplement for a class assignment, a station exercise, part of an assessment, or even as homework! This collection of standards-aligned problems and solutions is for grade levels 3-8, with each is organized into three categories: Procedures and Concepts, Problem Solving, and Reasoning. Topics covered in the categories include: Number Base Ten Operation, Fractions, Measurement and Data, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Expressions and Equations, and Functions.


Building Math Rigor Volume Two

Problems to Promote Student Thinking

This collection of standards-aligned problems and solutions are a great supplement to the problems in Building Math Rigor Volume One. The problems in each grade level include various formats such as True/False, Select All, and Sortingm, which each book presenting over 125 new and different problems organized into the same three categories as Volume One. All the problems are ready to be used by a classroom teacher, grade level intervention teacher, special education teacher, or curriculum writer.

School Climate Resources


Looking In

Author Jonathan Gillman has been the director of CREC's "Looking In" Theatre for over thirty years

Tyrone was 11 when a member of a rival gang rode up and shot his uncle, sitting beside him. Rachel was 12 when she was raped by her uncle. Dominique had an abortion at 13. Kyle was so skinny at 14, when other students bullied him for being gay, they locked him in a locker. Emily went to a concert of her favorite group, and drank so much she passed out before it began. Dan never met a drug he didn't like.
What makes them different from others in similar situations? They are still in high school. They are also part of "Looking In" Theatre. They use their experiences to create dramatic scenes about issues like these - and then go into schools to perform them and answer questions as their characters. Every year they reach thousands of people. They change lives.

Special Education Resources


Blueprint: Building Powerful IEPs to Increase Student Achievement

This comprehensive workbook is for aspiring or practicing special education and related services staff. Packed with easy-to-implement strategies and ideas, the workbook contains information on four relevant topics, including: defining present levels of academic achievement and functional performance; writing standards-based IEP's; creating instruction from the common core state standards for special education and related services; and collecting data and monitoring the IEP progress.

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