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The Vocational Services department provides vocational assessment and training for students ages 16 to 21. Currently, the department serves 60% of the students enrolled in river Street School. The goal of the Vocational Services department is to develop basic skills that best equip each student to transition to an optimal work setting upon graduation. These placements allow the graduates to achieve their greatest degree of independence.

Vocational services include:

  • Assessing social skills
  • Teaching appropriate work behavior
  • Educating students about career options
  • Securing campus and community work opportunities
  • Developing transition plans for graduates

SRBI and Special Education at the Building Level

This professional development series tackles some of the most challenging Scientific Research-Based Interventions and special education topics that school building teams encounter. Sessions will be led by experienced practitioners, including building administrators, attorneys, and parents, who can facilitate discussions and provide practical ideas. The series begins with a discussion about legal issues and interventions for students with behavior issues. 

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