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Construction and Facilities

Project Approach

Crec's management approach is to implement the wishes of the school building committee through its active involvement with the architect, engineers, construction manager, in a team effort to design, construct and occupy the new school.

Prior to Construction

AAE render
  • Assist the Building Committee with the preparation and issuance of requests for qualifications (RFQ) or requests for proposals (RFP) for, evaluate proposals for, the selection of project design professionals (e.g. architects and engineers) and specialized consultants (landscape architects, environmental engineers, soil scientists, and the like), including a construction manager necessary for the development of site plans, designs, cost estimates and construction of the project.
  • Assist the Building Committee in making an analysis of, environmental, soil and other pertinent information required to establish the feasibility of the project on applicable sites under review.
    • Direct the preparation and submission of the documents necessary to conform to the environmental, zoning and other land use requirements for the selected site in order to obtain approvals and/or waivers from the necessary regulatory agencies such as Inland Wetlands, Department of Environmental Protection, Planning & Zoning, State Traffic Commission, and State Department of Education.
  • Review educational specification and operational plans with administrators and teachers to ensure that the new facility adequately meets the educational program intended
    • Organize, assemble and coordinate a project design team consisting of design professionals and staff of the district to review the plans and specifications throughout the architectural design phases.
  • Review space plans to assure compliance with State Department of Education guidelines for eligibility, making adjustments as necessary to provide maximum reimbursement to the City
  • Continually monitor and prepare, as required, documentation for the Office of School Facilities Unit, State Department of Education
    • Schedule and attend the Pre-review Evaluation Process (PREP) and Plan Completion Test (PCT) meetings
  • Direct and attend required planning sessions with architect at the State Department of Education to review and approve preliminary plans, final plans before construction and FF&E schedules
  • Direct and assist in the preparation of, in consultation with the construction manager and other professionals, proposed project cost estimates during the design process for resource allocation e.g. contingencies, soft costs and other components of the authorized funding
    • Direct the preparation of value engineering recommendations throughout the schematic, design development and construction document design phases to develop a final project budget based on the completion of final plans
  • Develop and issue proposals for support project consultants, if required, in the areas of technology, security, telecommunications, and others as identified through the project.
  • Coordinate and attend all appropriate meeting including biweekly meetings with the Construction Manager, Architect, and other professionals as appropriate.
    • Prepare agendas and coordinate the owner’s representative meetings keeping accurate notes of all meetings attended.
  • In consultation with the architect and construction manager, assure preparation of a project schedule for all phases of the project including, design development, construction documents, bidding, regulatory agency approvals, construction, and FF&E related items to determine the date proposed for school occupancy.

During Construction

Building PSA
  • Contract with, coordinate the work of, as well as monitor contract performance of design professionals, construction manager/contractors through weekly site visitations and/or on-site/off-site meetings
  • Coordinate and direct the bidding process including contract award for construction, technology, media distribution, telephone, security systems and Furniture Fixtures and Equipment
  • Actively participate in cost projection analysis and be responsible for cost projection reporting to the owners
  • Submit the Request for School Construction Progress Payments (SDE Form ED046) to the State Department of Education to receive the state share of eligible project costs
  • Establish procedures with Construction Managers to monitor and file change orders through to the State Department of Education
    • Coordinate change order and addenda preparation, execution and submission between and among contractor(s), vendors, design professionals, construction manger, the Building committee and the School Facilities Unit of the State Department of Education
  • Secure commissioning services for the mechanical and electrical systems for the school
    • Determine if the temperature controls, HVAC and plumbing systems perform according to the design specifications through functional tests, balancing and verification reports
  • Monitor and assure completion of the punch list within a specified time frame
  • Coordinate final fire marshal inspections and securing of final certificate of occupancy

From Construction to Student and Faculty Occupancy

  • Provide direct services in the scheduling, directing and monitoring of all activities related to the transition from final phase of construction to the start up of building operations
    • Coordinate contract, project completion and wrap up, including, but not limited to, final lien waivers, warranties, correction of construction defects and deficiencies, provision of as-built drawings and attic stock, assure that incomplete work at time of substantial completion achieves final completion and reporting of final project costs and project turn-key and start up procedures to district staff
    • Direct and monitor the “Move Management” of new equipment onto the building site and into the building
    • Supervise and coordinate staff training for equipment start-ups utilizing operations and maintenance manuals
    • Establish a formal reporting procedure to provide information to the construction manager on building issues observed during the initial occupancy by staff and students

CREC Goes Beyond

  • Establish a positive, collegial relationship with all constituents to complete an outstanding building project on time and within budget
  • Assist in the final audit with the State Department of Education of the building project when completed
    • Establish at the beginning of the project, operating procedures for the documentation that should be maintained for the State audit of the school construction grants such as: construction contracts with bid specifications, bidding summaries, contractors’ applications for payments, identification of ineligible or limited eligible items, correspondence to document any approvals of project costs received from the SDE, change order summaries, etc.
  • Regularly meet with, report to and consult with the Building Committee throughout the pre-construction, construction and transition to operations phases of the project.

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