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River Street Outreach Program

Services Offered

The River Street Outreach Program provides high quality, research-based services for families and professionals.

School-Based Consultation

  • Consultation in Public and Private School Classrooms.
  • Staff and Parent Trainings Individual behavioral consults Classroom supports Short-term/Long-term consultation.
  • Assistance with transitions.

Speaker's Bureau

  • Trainings may include but are not restricted to Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Working with Challenging Children, and Discrete Trial training.
  • Observation Techniques Data Collection Systems Building Social Skills Planning for Inclusion Classroom supports Toilet training.
  • Positive Behavior Supports Developing peer relationships.

Program Support and Development

  • Development of early intensive intervention programs.
  • Training in Autism Spectrum Disorders, ABA intervention strategies, childhood disabilities.
  • Program evaluations utilizing the Autism Program Quality Indicators (APQI).
  • Ongoing support to ABA classrooms Development of peer support systems and social skills groups
  • Case coordination Placement of experienced staff.

Family-Based Support

  • Behavioral assistance in the home Generalization of skills to home and community.
  • Build collaboration between home and school Assistance in building skills in the community.

Curriculum Development

  • Assessment of current functioning IEP development.
  • Curriculum development to address critical skills.
  • Assist staff in the development of effective teaching strategies.
  • Generalization of skills across settings Functional skills training.

Assessment of Student Needs

  • Ecological Assessments ASIEP-3, ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP.
  • Social Skills Rating Scales Functional Behavior Assessments Assistance with the development and implementation of behavior support plans (BSP).
  • Data system development Implementation of wide range of evidence based strategies.

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