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Across the country, special education teachers are concerned that their students may regress from the pressures of the pandemic This year especially, schools understand that paraeducators are critical to providing a supportive educational environment for students. However, it can be difficult to ensure that paraeducators have the necessary training and access to evidence-based practices in order to support the learning environment and the students they are supporting.

“The COMPASS,” our nationally recognized, comprehensive, job-embedded professional development curriculum for paraeducators, has been updated to provide district paraeducators with asynchronous learning opportunities. The COMPASS modules are aligned with the national paraeducator standards and can be customized to your district’s needs.


$50/yr per paraeducator


  • Presentation of the modules can be asynchronous, synchronous or a combination to meet the needs of your district paraeduators
  • Full access to all modules for a year
  • Membership in an online learning community of paraeducators
  • Support is available to districts and participants
  • Half-day blended learning facilitator training available for an additional fee

Featured Topics

Roles & Responsibilities

Understand the roles and responsibilities of the paraeducator/associate instructor, teacher, and administrator as partners. Learn strategies to work effectively as a member of an instructional team.


Explore what it means to effectively collaborate and communicate with adults and students, including how to build relationships and solve problems.

Managing Behaviors

Learn strategies to proactively manage and support students in a variety of learning situations. Emphasis is on building proactive environmental and instructional supports.

Ethics and Legal Issues

Examine current information on special education laws and school-based practices. Review Individualized Education Plan (IEP) components and procedures.

Instructional Strategies

Learn research-based planning and instructional strategies to help students achieve. The focus is on helping the paraeducator/associate instructor become an effective, contributing member of the instructional team.

Creating Independent Learners

Improve student independence by learning how to assess a student’s abilities, analyze tasks, and fade instruction to promote student independence

The Paraeducators Role in the IEP/PPT Process

Knowledge will be gained on Meeting standards of professional and ethical conduct by practicing and maintaining appropriate confidentiality through the IEP/PPT process

Knowledge and Skills for Teachers Supporting the Work of Paraeducators

Teams of teachers and paraeducators benefit from this module to gain an understanding of how to manage the paraeducator's time and effectiveness in supporting the learning environment

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