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Construction and Facilities

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For over a decade, CREC has provided value-added construction consulting services to our clients. We are unique among project management providers because of the non-profit nature of our organization, and because we have actually operated numerous public schools for many years.

Most often, we are retained to provide program management and owner’s representative services, but our services can vary depending on the point at which we are brought in to assist. From planning through construction to closeout, we help municipalities, boards of education and building communities navigate the construction process successfully. We are experts in facility and energy efficiency analysis, planning and feasibility studies, design, construction, and operation.

It is difficult for volunteers on a school building committee to be knowledgeable about all of our components of a capital project. We serve as the committee’s project management staff, to help stay in control, make good decisions, and know its decisions will be implemented in a timely, budget-sensitive manner.

Our professional construction staff understands the requirements and nuances associated with construction grant applications, reimbursements requests, change order reviews and adherence to state statutes and regulations through the project lifecycle. We have many years of experience biding, negotiating and supervising contracts with architects, engineering firms and construction managers.

Our division’s accounting department focuses solely on construction, utilizing budget forecasting tools, document management systems, invoice review protocols, grant reimbursement tracking and proper closeout procedures.

We manage the procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment, the resolution of punch list items, and the move-in process – all of which intended to result in a successful opening day.

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