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Clinical Services for Parents and Districts

River Street School's Clinical Services department is a multidisciplinary team providing comprehensive clinical services to the River Street School day program, the Extended Day Program, and the Community-Based Residential Group Homes. Our department also provides daily consultation with instructional staff, family consultation and counseling, interagency service coordination, and professional development in seminars for other practitioners.

The goal of the department is to provide therapeutic services that enhance each student's problem-solving, self control, and social and communication skills.

Programs RSS OperatesWe Offer

River Street Autism Program - Birken Campus

RSAP provides intensive year round school-based behavioral intervention to children with autism spectrum disorders 3-15 years of age. Classrooms provide services to PRESCHOOL (3-5 years) and TRANSITION (6-15 years) students. The intensive program is highly individualized and can be crafted to meet the requirements of the IEP with respect to length of day (up to 8 hours) and length of school year (up to 240 days).

River Street Outreach Program

The River Street Outreach Program provides expert consultation, training, assessment and program development services to school districts and families. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs) provide consultation services to support area school districts in their programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders, and to those children with challenging behaviors.

River Street Preschool/Early Learning Center

The River Street ELC is a high quality, NAEYC accredited integrated preschool program, serving students 3-5 years old. Our mission is to meet the needs of every child by providing meaningful experiences that promote the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. In the River Street Early Learning Center, students from the River Street Autism Program and typically developing preschoolers serve as role models for one another.

Other Services Offered By RSSWe Offer

Community Based Group Homes

CREC River Street School manages two group homes located in nearby communities. The unique program meets the special needs of select students who require instruction in a residential setting, as well as in school, to achieve success. Residential programming is provided 365 days a year, and students are enrolled at CREC River Street School.

Homebound Instruction for Students with Low-Incidence Disabilities

This program is for homebound instruction in hospital or home settings within the CREC region for students, three to 22 years old, who have multiple disabilities and/or medical needs.

Neurobehavioral Consultation Services

The Neurobehavioral Consultation Services program reviews current therapies and/or interventions and recommends appropriate behavioral and pharmacologic management for each child.

School System Therapies: OT/PT/SLP Services

School system occupational and physical therapy services are available on a contractual basis. Schools within the CREC region can contract for therapy services on a short-term or long-term basis. CREC provides educationally relevant evaluations, intervention, consultation, supervision, and training as needed. Therapy practitioners maintain competency in school system servicing.

Vocational Preparation

The Vocational Services department provides vocational assessment and training for students ages 16 to 22. The goal of the Vocational Services department is to develop basic skills that best equip each student to transition to an optimal work setting upon graduation.

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