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John J. Allison, Jr. Polaris Center



Timothy Carroll, LCSW
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East Hartford, CT 06108

About John J. Allison, Jr. Polaris Center

The CREC John J. Allison Jr. Polaris Center has been proudly serving children and adolescents with learning disabilities and emotional, behavioral and/or psychiatric problems since 1976.

The present day Polaris Center has evolved into a comprehensive treatment center offering a myriad of quality educational and clinical programs students, in middle and high school, with emotional, behavioral and learning disorders. Services and specialized programming include counseling, behavioral intervention and support, a school-based health center, and career training/transition planning. Polaris also provides a variety of summer programs, as well.

Recognizing the multi-faceted challenges facing today's youth, the Polaris Center, with unique community collaborations, works to promote learning, growth, and success with the goal of helping individuals reach their full potential. A separate Outpatient Mental Health Clinic for Children and Families and Adventure Therapy Course is also located on campus and available to Polaris students in addition to children, adolescents, adults and families from the community.

Additionally, Polaris Catering provides students valuable vocational experiences under the supervision of skilled chefs. Polaris Catering also offers food services to school districts and area agencies.


Polaris is the North Star.
From time immemorial,
travelers have relied on this
fixed celestial body.
It is the perfect metaphor for
what we try to do at the Polaris Center:
Guide people;
Provide them with a moral compass;
Give them something high to aim for; and
Help them reach their full potential.

Mission: To promote learning, growth, and success with children, families, and community groups in need of therapeutic intervention and educational services.

Vision: Children and families will develop skills to reach their full potential.

Core Values: Service, Trust, Achievement, Respect.

Goals: Identify the needs of the people in the communities that we serve. Enhance current services within established programs. Provide new state of the art programs and resources for individuals and families.

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