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Capitol Region Education Council

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4111PR Recruitment and Selection
4112.4PR Pre Employment Physical Examination
4112.5 PR Fingerprinting
4112.51PR Reference Checks
4112.5PR Security Check Fingerprinting
4112.6P Personnel Records
4112.7PR Orientation
4112.8P Nepotism Employment of Relatives
4113.11P Non Teaching Duties
4113.1PR Employment (Position Description)
4114P Athletic Coaches
4115PR Evaluation
4116P Probationary Tenure Status
4117.1P Retirement
4117.2PR Resignation
4117P Disciplinary Action Suspension Dismissal
4118.11-4218.11PR Nondiscrimination
4118.112PR Sexual Harassment
4118.13PR Conflict of Interest
4118.21PR Academic Freedom
4118.221-4218.221P Whistleblower
4118.22PR Code of Ethics
4118.231-4218.231PR Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco
4118.233PR Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
4118.234P Prohibition on Recommendations for Psychotropic Drugs
4118.23P Personal Relationships
4118.24P Staff Student Relationships
4118.4P Rights, Responsibilities and Duties Electronic Mail
4118.5PR Acceptable Computer Network Use
4118.6-4218.6PR Social Media (Certified and Non-Certified)
4121PR Substitute Personnel
4131PR Staff Development
4132.1P Copyrights and Patents
4132P Publication or Creation of Materials
4147.1-4247.1PR Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
4147P Employee Safety
4152.6PR Personal Leaves
4212.42P Drug and Alcohol Testing For School Bus Drivers
4216P Probation Period Procedure
4217P Separation
4220PR Temporary Personnel
4249PR Modified Duty

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