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6000.1P Provisions of Negotiated Agreements Contracts
6000P Instruction General
6010P Goals and Objectives
6111P School Calendar
6112P School Day
6113P Released Time
6114.1R Fire Emergencies
6114.3R Bomb Threats
6114.6PR Emergency Closings
6114P Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness
6121P Nondiscrimination in the Instructional Program
6141.311P English Language Learner Students
6141.312P Migrant Students
6141.31PR Bilingual Bicultural Education
6141.321P Internet Computer Networks Use
6141.322P Computers Web Sites Pages
6141.32P Instruction and Use of Technology
6141.42P Student Volunteers and Community Service
6141.4P Independent Study
6141.5P Advanced College Placement
6141.8P School Readiness Day Care
6142.10P Student Wellness
6142.1P Family Life Education
6142.3P Health Education
6142.4P Democracy Education in Elementary Schools
6142P Basic Instructional Program
6144.1P Exemption from Instruction
6144PR Controversial Issues
6145.22P Sportsmanship
6145.2P Interscholastic Intramural Athletics
6145.3P Publications
6145.4P Student Performances Television and Radio Broadcasts
6145.51P National Honor Society
6145.5P Organizations Associations
6145.71P Social Events Meetings Use of Alcohol by Adults
6145.8P Activity & Escrow Funds
6145P Extra Class Activities Limited Open Forum
6146.1PR Grading Assessment Systems
6146.2P Mastery Examinations
6146P Graduation Requirements
6150.1P Classroom Appearance Arrangement
6152P Grouping Policy
6153PR School Sponsored Trips
6154P Homework and Home Programs
6156.5R Instructional Planning Schedules
6156P Use of Computers in Instruction
6159PR Planning Placement Teams
6160P Instructional Resources
6161.1P Evaluation of Instructional Materials
6161.2P Care of Instructional Materials Damaged of Lost Instructional Materials
6161.7P Use of Proprietary Software Products
6161.9P Access to Instructional Materials
6161P Equipment, Books and Materials
6162.31P Testing Program Test Exclusion
6162.51P Surveys of Students
6162.6PR Publication or Creation of Educational Materials Copyrights Printing and Duplication
6162.7RP Backup Copies of Copyrighted Computer Software
6163.32PR Service Animals
6164.12P Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
6164.4P Identification of Special Needs and Abilities
6171P Special Education
6173P Homebound Instruction
6177PR Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings
6180P Evaluation of the Instructional Program

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