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5000P Concepts and Roles in Student Policies
5111 Admission Placement
5111.3PR Protection of Undocumented Students
5113 Attendance Excuses Dismissal
5113.2 Truancy
5114.12 Student Handbooks
5118.1PR Homeless Students
5121 Examination Grading Rating
5122 Assigning Students To a Teacher and Classes in Grades K 12
5123 Promotion Acceleration Retention
5124 Reporting to Parents
5124.2R Release of Report Cards
5125PR Student Records Confidentiality Policy
5131.111 Video Surveillance
5131.3PR Student Driving and Parking
5131.5 Vandalism by Minors
5131.6 Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
5131.61 Inhalant Abuse
5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
5131.81 Electronic Devices
5131.82 Non School Sponsored Publications Accessed, Distributed or Published at School
5131.9 Gang Activity or Association
5131.91 Hazing
5131.911 Bullying - Safe School Climate
5131.913 Cyber Bullying
5131.92 Corporal Punishment
5132 Dress and Grooming Policy
5132.1R School Uniform
5134 Pregnant Students
5140 Student Welfare
5141 Student Health Services School District Medical Advisor
5141.21 Administration of Medications
5141.22 Communicable Infectious Diseases
5141.221 Pediculosis
5141.23 Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs
5141.231 Psychotropic Drug Use
5141.28 Sudden Cardiac Arrest
5141.31 Health Examinations for School Athletic Participation
5141.3PR Certification of Physical Assessments
5141.4PR Child Abuse and Neglect
5141.4PR Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
5141.5 Suicide Prevention and Intervention
5141.6 Crisis Response
5141.7 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
5141.8 Student Sports - Concussions
5142.1 Relations with Non Custodial Parents
5142.2 Student Dismissal Precautions
5142.3 Safety Skateboard Rollerblade Use
5143 Cheating
5144 Discipline
5144.1 Use of Physical Force
5144.11 Physical Restraint and Seclusion
5145.11 Police in Schools
5145.12 Students Search and Seizure
5145.14 On Campus Recruitment
5145.15 Directory Information
5145.2 Freedom of Speech Expression
5145.511 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
5145.5PR Sexual Harassment
5145.7 Surrogate Parent Program
5145.8 Emancipation of Minors Age of Majority
5156 Research Involving Students
5162PR Nondiscrimination

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